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Updates through December 3, 1997

Abusement Park (CAN) ???? 1 song promo Abusement Park (CAN) ???? 2 song promo (pre-Rotting) After Forever (CAN) Breathe (Nfld) After Forever (CAN) Death of One (Nfld) Annihilator (CAN) "Phantasmagoria" demo 1985 SB 15 mins Annihilator (CAN) "Welcome To Your Death" demo 1986 SB 25 mins Anvil (CAN) live: El Mocambo, Toronto, ON, CA 06/09/84 AUD 100 mins Bathory (SWE) "Ace of Spades" Motorhead cover ?? Betrayer (CAN) Everyone But Me (Nfld) (guitarist now in Oberon) Betrayer (CAN) Evil Melodies (Nfld) (guitarist now in Oberon) Bill Ward (UK) "Ward One: Ward Along the Way" CD/Dub 1990 Black Void (CAN) Black Void (Nfld) (pre-Triple Six) Blind Guardian (GER) "Imaginations from the Other Side" CD/Dub 1995 Blind Guardian (GER) "Somewhere Far Beyond" CD/Dub 1992 Bloodbath (USA) "The Seven Inch That Never Was" demo #3 1990 Bloodbath (USA) demo #2 1989 Bongwater (CAN) Pissed Off and Fuzzed Out (Nfld) Celtic Frost (SWI) live: Roxanne's, Hull, QB, CA 07/01/86 AUD 45 mins 1ST Celtic Frost (SWI) live: The Ritz, NYC 07/14/86 AUD 50 mins Deathrune (USA) "Memories of the Exhumed" demo 4 tks (NY) Original Desolation Angels (UK) "Desolation Angels" LP/Dub 1986 Desolation Angels (UK) "Fury" demo 1987 Devastator (CAN) Alteration (Nfld) (Bassist now in Oberon) Devastator (CAN) Savage Wasteland Devastator (CAN) Sonic Devastation (Nfld) Devastator (CAN) demo 1996 (Nfld) Embodyment (USA) demo 1996 Entombed (SWE) live 6/1/90 (SB) Exciter (CAN) live: L'amours, Brooklyn, NY 12/21/84 AUD 90 mins Exumer (GER) "A Mortal In Black" demo 1986 Flotsam & Jetsam (USA) "Metal Shock" demo 1985 SB 20 mins w/Jason Newsted Formicide (USA) demo 1987/88 Formicide (USA) demo II 1988 Garden of Shadows (USA) "Heart of the Corona" demo 4 tks (MD) Original Gorefest (HOL) Fear EP/Dub Greeting Death (CAN) "Pain Of The Earth" demo 1987 Hatred (USA) "Mindless" demo 198? Infernal Majesty (CAN) 7"/Dub 1997 2 tracks Maluscide (USA) "Partake of the Blasphemy" demo 1993 Mefisto (SWE) "Megalomania" demo #1 1986 Mercyful Fate (DEN) live: Club Can't Tell, Sacramento, CA 10/21/84 AUD 90 mins Mercyful Fate (DEN) live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands 04/09/83 AUD 90 mins Mercyful Fate (DEN) live: Spectrum, Montreal, QB, CA 11/07/84 AUD 80 mins Messe Noir (USA) demo 4 tks (CT) Original Metallica (USA) "No Life Till Leather" demo (Remastered) 07/06/82 SB 30 mins Minotaur (GER) "The Power Of Darkness" demo #3 12/1987 Morbid Entree (USA) "Smorgasgore" demo 7 tks (PA) Original Necromantia (GRE) "Each Dawn I Die" cover of Manowar song Necronomicon (GER) "Apocalyptic Nightmare" LP/Dub 1986 Nefarion (USA) "Self-Immolation for Daemonic Positioning" demo 8 tks (FL) Original Nuclear Assault (USA) demo #2 1986 Oberon (CAN) Live at Junctions (Nfld) Pale Horse (USA) "Bitter Fruits of Temptations" demo 1994 Perpetual Doom (USA) "Sorrow's End" demo 7 tks (MA) Original Pessimist (USA) Absence of Light Porno (CAN) No God Your God (Canadian Death) Purgatory (USA) "Purgatory" MLP/Dub 1985 Quo Vadis (CAN) demo 1995 Rotting (CAN) Christ Crusher Rotting (CAN) Nothing But Attitude Running Wild (GER) "Ready for Boarding" CD/Dub 1988 Sacrament (CAN) demo (Nfld) (pre-Festered Corpse) Sacrifice (CAN) interview w/ Robb Urbinati FM 10 mins Sacrifice (CAN) live: Starwood,Toronto 02/07/86 AUD 45 mins Sex Pistols (UK) live: Burton on Trent, UK 09/24/76 SB 40 mins Skinned (USA) "Army of the Dead" demo 7 tks (CO) Original Slayer (USA) live: Apollo, Manchester, England 09/16/88 AUD 90 mins Soul Bleed (CAN) 3rd Degree (Nfld) (Bassist now in Oberon) Subjugator (USA) "The Hatred Principle" demo 1991 Subjugator (USA) demo 1990 Subversion (CAN) Anima Divinia Traitor's Gate (UK) "Devil Takes The High Road" 12" EP/Dub 1985 Triple Six (CAN) In the Black (Nfld) Ulysses Siren (USA) demo 1986 Various Artists Death's Revenge Comp. Original Various Artists In the Name of Satan - Venom Tribute (Kreator, Paradise Lost, Nuclear Assault, Candlemass etc) Various Artists Slatanic Slaughter (Slayer Tribute) Venom (UK) live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands 05/25/96 SB 55 mins 1ST Viral Load (USA) demo 3 tks (TX) Original Wargasm (USA) "Gasm It" demo 1991 Wargasm (USA) Your Dog's Teeth demo 1990 Warhammer (UK) demo 11/30/85 Warning (USA) demo 1986 Wehrmacht (USA) "Reel to Reel" demo 10/19/85 Wehrmacht (USA) live: Pine St. Theater, Portland, OR 1/31/86 (SB) Winter (USA) Into Darkness CD/Dub Wotan (GER) demo 1986 Wyzard (USA) "Knights Of Metal" MLP/Dub 1984


Pyrexia (USA) promo single, "Confrontation" 1997 Various Artists "Victory Style II" Victory Records sampler 1997


Hellhammer (SWI) Satanic Rites Myself Am Hell (USA) s/t MCD Pessimist (USA) "Cult of the Initiated" Rise (USA) "Life into Ever Black" MCD Scattered Remnants (USA) "Inherent Perversion" MCD Torture Krypt (USA) "Rotted Remnants" Various Artists Eat the Evidence Vol. 2 1997 Mortal Coil Recs. Various Artists Soulside Records Comp #1



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