Demo / live / rehearsal / rare tape List

A Mind Confused (SWE)          demo/1995/5 tks/
A Mind Confused (SWE)          Poems Of A Darker Soul/1995/30 mins/
A Nice Side of Pathology (BUL) - Pathological Lyrics of Erotic Moods/1994/12 tks/
Abazagorath (USA-NJ)           Channelling the Ethereal Moons/19??/3 tks/
Abigail (JAP)                  demo #1/19??/4 tks/
Abigail (JAP)                  Descending from a Blackened Sky adv. 7"/1993/???/
Abigail (JAP)                  Blasphemy Nights - rehearsal/demo/1994/4 tks/
Abigail (JAP)                  promo/1995/2 tks/
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE)         For Bereavement We Cried/1994/6 tks/
Abominant (USA)                Never Truly Dead/1994/4 tks/
Abominog (USA)                 Resting in Your Grave/1990/20 mins/EX-
Abominus (USA)                 As Wolves Among Sheep We Have Wandered/1996/???/
Abortus (USA)                  Forever Suffer/19??/???/
Abraxas (GER)                  Signs/1991/???/
Abscess (USA)                  demo #1/1994/6 tks/
Abscess (USA)                  Raw, Sick and Brutal Noize #2/1994/6 tks/
Abscess (USA)                  Crawled Up From the Sewer #3/1995/???/
Absonant Cadence (CAN-QUE)     Emergence/1996/7 tks/
Absu (USA)                     The Temples of Offal/1991/3 tks/
Absu (USA)                     And Shineth Unto the Cold Cometh adv 7"/1995/3 tks/
Absu (USA)                     live: Zeche Carl, Essen, Ger./04-26-1995/???/
Absu (USA)                     "Transylvania" from Iron Maiden Tribute/1997/???/
Absu (USA)                     "The Gold Torques Of Ulaid" adv. Gummo sdtk/1997/???/
Absurdus (FIN)                 Flames/1995/4 tks/
Abusement Park (CAN)           2 song promo/19??/???/
Abusement Park (CAN)           1 song promo/19??/???/
Abyssic Hate (AUS)             Cleansing Of An Ancient Race/1994/30 mins/
Accept (GER)                   demo/1982/???/
Accept (GER)                   live: Castle Donington/09-18-84/???/
Accidental Suicide (USA)       Sadistic Intentions/1990/6 tks/
Accursed (USA)                 A Curse Called Life/19??/4 tks/
Accursed (USA)                 promo/1995/2 tks/
Acheron Gates (ISR)            Forests of Dark Mayhem/1994/9 tks/
Adrenalin (CAN)                demo/1996/???/
After Forever (CAN-Nfld)       Death of One (Nfld)/19??/???/
After Forever (CAN-Nfld)       Breathe (Nfld)/19??/???/
Agent Steel (USA)              live: Hammersmith Odeon, London (SB)/06-20-87/45 mins/
Aggression (CAN)               demo/1985/???/
Aggression (CAN)               Blaspheming At Altar/1986/4 tks/
Agonia (ITA)                   At The Darkest Spawn/01-94/4 tks/EX
Agony (CAN)                    Eve of Destruction/1994/4 tks/
Agony (CAN-Que)                Apocalyptic Dawning cassette LP/1995/???/
Alanis Morrisette (CAN)        live: MTV Awards (FM)/09-07-95/5 mins/
Alchemist (AUS)                demo #1/1991/4 tks/
Altar (HOL)                    and God Created Satan To Blame For His Mista/1992/???/
Amduscias (JAP)                demo/1994/3 tks/
Amniorrehexis (CAN-QUE)        Under the Surgeon's Knife/1995/5 tks/
An Erotic Funeral (CAN)        Havohej Eslaf Eht/1994/???/
Anatomy (AUS)                  For Those Whose Eyes Are Black/19??/6 tks/
Ancient (NOR)                  Eerily Howling Winds/08-93/3 tks/EX
Angel Corpse (USA)             Goats Of Azazael/1996/15 mins/
Angel Corpse (USA)             rehearsal track/1996/5 mins/
Angel Dust (*UNK*)             Hymn to Satan/198?/???/
Angel Goat (SWE)               rehearsal/05-19-90/5 mins/
Angel of Death (AUS)           demo/1987/5 tks/
Angel Witch (UK)               BBC Radio Session/03-14-1980/10 mins/
Angel Witch (UK)               live: Norbreck Castle, Blackpool/01-29-1981/55 mins/
Angel Witch (UK)               live: Woolwich Tramshed, London/08-08-1985/35 mins/
Angel Witch (UK)               live: Dynamo, Eindhoven/11-30-1986/65 mins/
Angel Witch (UK)               live: Walthamstow Royal Standard, London/12-26-1987/40 mins/
Angel Witch (UK)               live: Stone, San Francisco/03-18-1989/50 mins/
Angelkill (USA)                Grave Samples/1990/4 tks/
Anhkrehg (CAN)                 Sacrificial Goat/1995/???/
Annihilation (USA)             demo/1985/???/
Annihilator (CAN)              Phantasmagoria/1985/15 mins/
Annihilator (CAN)              Welcome To Your Death/1986/25 mins/
Anthagonist (CAN)              Enigmatic Pleasure of Death (Vers 2)/1989/???/
Anthrax (USA)                  live: Late Nite w/Conan O'Brien (FM)/03-22-96/5 mins/
Anthropophagus (CAN)           Ripped Open/1995/12:06/
Anvil (CAN)                    live: El Mocambo, Toronto, ON, Can. [AUD]/06-09-84/100 mins/
Anvil (CAN)                    unreleased studio tracks/1985/???/
Anvil Bitch (USA)              live: Empire Rock Club, Phila./01-23-86/45 mins/
Apieron (AST)                  split demo w/ Golden Dawn/1995/45 mins/
Archenemy (USA)                rehearsal/03-86/15 mins/
Arghoslent (USA)               Arsenal Of Glory/04-20-96/???/
Arkham (FRA)                   Obscurs Et Éternels/1996/???/
Armageddon (USA)               The Final Conflict/198?/???/
Arsenic (USA)                  demo/1985/???/
Arsenic (USA)                  Souls Lie Screaming/1988/3 tks/
Artillery (DEN)                live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland/02-23-86/???/
Artillery (DEN)                demo/1989/???/
As-Sahar (SIN)                 Primitively Eastern Winds/1993/???/
Asphyxiation (USA)             Unto Darkness/1994/19 mins/EX
Astaroth (USA)                 Lost State of Dreams/1-93/20 mins/EX
Asyndess (FRA)                 Desesperances/1996/???/
At The Gates (SWE)             live: Paradiso: Amsterdam, Hol./08-20-94/???/
At The Gates (SWE)             adv. tks from "Slaughter of the Soul"/1995/2 tks/
At The Gates (SWE)             live at Berkeley Square: Berkeley, CA/06-21-96/9 tks/
At War (USA)                   live Baltimore, MD/04-05-86/???/
At War (USA)                   live: Detroit, MI/01-17-1987/???/
At War (USA)                   live: New York, NY/04-15-88/25 mins/
Atheist (USA)                  Hell Hath No Fury/1987/???/
Atomkraft (UK)                 live: Hammersmith Odeon, London [FM]/06-20-1987/25 mins/
Atomkraft (UK)                 live: Dynamo Open Air Festival [FM]/08-06-1987/10 mins/
Atrocity (USA)                 Mangled/1988/???/
Attica (USA)                   Weed Out the Weak/1996/???/
Autopsy (USA)                  demo #1/1987/4 tks/
Avernus (USA-IL)               Sadness/1994/4 tks/
Avernus (USA)                  Godlessness/1995/2 tks/
Avulsed (SPA)                  Deformed Beyond Belief/1993/6 tks/
Avulsion (USA-GA)              Inexorable Suffering/1994/???/
Avulsion (USA)                 demo/1994/???/
Avulsion (USA-GA)              rehearsal/07-10-95/???/
Bathory (SWE)                  Hail Satanas bootleg EP + live track/19??/3 tks/
Bathory (SWE)                  Ace of Spades - Motorhead cover/19??/???/
Bathory (SWE)                  demo/1984/???/
Bathym (USA)                   Into Darkness/1990/4 tks/EX
Behemoth (POL)                 The Return of the Northern Moon/12-92/30 mins/EX
Behemoth (POL)                 ... from the Pagan Vastlands/12-93/41 mins/EX
Belphegor (AST)                Blasphemous Prayers/19??/2 tks/
Beseech (SWE)                  Last Chapter/1994/6 tks/
Bestial Summoning (HOL)        Sodomistic Ritual/19??/31 mins/EX-/VG+
Bethzaida (NOR)                Nine Worlds/1995/6 tks/
Betrayer (CAN-Nfld)            Everyone But Me (Nfld) (guitarist now in Obe/19??/???/
Betrayer (CAN-Nfld)            Evil Melodies (Nfld) (guitarist now in Obero/19??/???/
Beyond (CAN)                   Framed Insanity/1988/???/
Beyond Death (USA)             A Slice Of Death/1988/???/
Beyond Fear (UK)               Dreaming of Pure Carnage/1995/5 tks/
Beyond Possession (USA)        demo/1985/???/
Bhaobhan Sidhe (HOL)           Corpse Crater/1994/5 tks/
Biocide (USA)                  live Hobies Roadhouse Concord, CA/04-20-95/???/
Black Angel (USA)              Bloodbath/198?/???/
Black Funeral (USA)            Journeys Into Horizons Lost/1994/5 tks/EX
Black Pentecost (USA)          Funeral Winds In Paradise/1997/???/
Black Ritual (USA)             Evil Madness Dwells/1988/8 tks/
Black Sabbath (UK)             live (FM) supergroups b'cast/1975/20 mins/
Black Shepherd (BEL)           United Evil Forces/1986/15 mins/
Black Void (CAN-Nfld)          Black Void (Nfld) (pre-Triple Six)/19??/???/
Blackstorm (GER)               demo/1992/???/
Blasphemer (UK)                Dominion/1994/4 tks/
Blasphemous (SWE)              rehearsal/demo/1994/???/
Blasphemous (SWE)              The Obscurity Over Golgotha rehearsal/demo/1995/???/
Blasphemous (SWE)              rehearsal/05-19-1997/???/
Blessed Sickness (USA)         Massacre the Holy/1993-1994/9 tks/EX
Blind Fury (UK-uk2, w/ Kevin Heybourne)demo/1983/10 mins/
Blind Fury (UK-uk1, Ex-Satan)  BBC Radio Session/05-31-1985/15 mins/
Blind Illusion (USA)           Bloodshower/198?/???/
Blind Illusion (USA)           Life After Death/198?/???/
Blind Illusion (USA)           Blood Shower Demo 1986/1986/???/
Blind Illusion (USA)           Demo #3 1986/1986/???/
Blind Illusion (USA)           demo 1988/1988/???/
Blood Duster (AUS)             Menstrual Soup/1992/???/
Blood Ritual (USA)             Cruciform Antithesis/1994/4 tks/
Bloodbath (USA)                Fuck Society/198?/???/
Bloodbath (USA)                Acts of Contrition/1987/9 tks/
Bloodbath (USA)                demo #2/1989/???/
Bloodbath (USA)                The Seven Inch That Never Was #3/1990/???/
Bloodcum (USA)                 demo/1986/???/
Bloodcum (USA)                 demo/1987/???/
Blooddeath (USA)               demo/1984/???/
Bloodgood (USA)                Metal Missionaries/198?/???/
Bloodstorm (USA)               Iron Flames Of Battle/1996/???/
Bloodvomit (USA)               rehearsal/01-19-86/???/
Bloodvomit (USA)               rehearsal/04-20-86/???/
Bolt Thrower (UK)              Bonus Tks From Warmaster and Realm of Chaos/19??/???/
Bolt Thrower (UK)              live: Middle East, Cambridge, MA/08-10-94/???/
Bongwater (CAN-Nfld)           Pissed Off and Fuzzed Out (Nfld)/19??/???/
Braindead (MAL)                promo/1993/???/
Brisen (ITA)                   Holocaust Sky/1993/3 tks/
Broom Helda (USA)              Something Wicked This Way Comes/1987/5 tks/
Brutality (USA)                Metamorphosis/1991/13 mins/EX
Buffalo (UK)                   In The Flesh/1982/20 mins/
Buried Beneath (USA)           And This Too Shall Pass Away/1994/???/
Burning Moon (CAN)             Eternal Darkness/1995/???/
Cabal (GER)                    Mirror of Fantasies/1995/???/
Cadaverous (UK)                Profane Shadows/1994/5 tks/
Cancerous Growth (USA)         Back From the Grave live tape/198?/???/
Candiria (USA)                 Subliminal/19??/???/
Candiria (USA)                 Live: Bogies, Albany, NY/11-12-95/6 tks/
Candiru (USA)                  Piscatorial Terror/1991/4 tks/
Cannabyss (USA)                Cannabyss/1994/???/
Cannibal Massacre (PR)         INRI/1995/???/
Capital Punishment (USA)       demo/1985/???/
Carcass (UK)                   rehearsal/10-23-85/???/
Carnage (SWE)                  Infestation of Evil/19??/???/
Carnal Rapture (ITA)           promo/1994/???/
Carnivore (USA)                live: New Jersey/08-31-84/40 mins/
Carnivore (USA)                live: L'amour, Brooklyn, NY/9-27-84/45 mins/
Carpathian Forest (NOR)        Bloodlust and Perversion/1992/???/
Carrion (GER)                  Evil Is There/1985/???/
Casbah (JAP)                   Desparate War/2-86/???/
Casket (CAN)                   Mutilated/19??/???/
Castle Black (USA)             demo/1985/5 mins/
Catalyst (USA)                 4 track demo/19??/7 tks/
Catasexual Urge Motivation (JAP) - split demo w/ Goropsy/1995/3 tks/
Catasexual Urge Motivation (JAP) - Rape Trauma Syndrome/1995/5 tks/
Cathedral (UK)                 In Memorium/19??/30 mins/
Catholicon (USA)               Passage Through The Flames  demo #4/1996/???/
Cauldron Born (USA)            Swords, Sorcery and Science/1994/???/
Cauteror (HOL)                 They Fell/1992/4 tks/
Celtic Frost (SWI)             studio track/1984/1 tk/
Celtic Frost (SWI)             live Zurich, Switz./05-17-85/???/
Celtic Frost (SWI)             live: Roxanne's, Hull, QB, CA 07/01/86 [AUD]/07-01-86/45 mins/
Celtic Frost (SWI)             live: The Ritz, NYC [AUD]/07-14-86/50 mins/
Celtic Frost (SWI)             Eclipse The Mourning Sun promo/1987/???/
Celtic Moon (GER)              My Illusion of an Eternal Winter/1996/???/
Cement Head (USA)              Exists/1992/6 tks/
Centinex (SWE)                 Under the Blackened Sky/1993/3 tks/
Cephallic Carnage (USA)        Scrape Our Lungs/1994/5 tks/
Ceremonium (USA)               demo #1/1993/16 mins/EX
Chaosick (CAN)                 Kill the Corruption/1995/6 tks/
Chiro Therium (DEN)            First Chapter/1991/???/
Christ Agony (POL)             Epitath of Christ/1992/4 tks/
Christ Denied (SPA)            Thy Horned God/1994/5 tks/
Christ Denied (SPA)            Thy Horned God/09-94/???/
Christ Inversion (USA)         demo #1/1994/6 tks/
Chronic Disorder (USA-IN)      demo/1993/4 tks/
Circle (USA-NC)                Circle/1995/3 tks/
Cleavage (USA)                 demo #1/1991/14 mins/EX
Cold Mourning (USA)            Looking Forward To Reason/1995/4 tks/
Cold Mourning (USA)            Boggy Creek/Frost Bit/1996/???/
Confessor (USA)                Collapse/1990/???/
Connecticut White Bread (USA)  Horton Smears a Poo!/1994/43 mins/EX
Coprofagia (MEX)               Sade's Inheritance/1994/???/
Coroner (SWI)                  Death Cult/1985/???/
Coroner (SWI)                  live: Berlin, Ger./1990/???/
Corpsegrinder (USA)            demo/1991/5 tks/
Corpsegrinder (USA)            live The Cave: Manassas, VA/06-26-93/40 mins/
Corpsevomit (USA)              Gathering Chemical Children/1995/5 tks/
Corpsevomit (USA)              Bastards Of Forever Filth/1996/???/
Corpsified (SWE)               demo/1995/4 tks/
Corpus (CAN-Que)               Decision to Extinction/1993/???/
Corpus Delecti (USA-KS)        Blasphemy Embodiment/1993/6 tks/
Corruption (USA)               7-song Demo/1990/???/
Count De Nocte (FIN)           Nos Omnes Una Manet/1995/???/
Coven (USA)                    demo/198?/???/
Covenant (UK)                  De Profundis/1995/3 tks/
Cradle of Filth (UK)           Unreleased Studio Track/19??/???/
Cradle of Filth (UK)           A Pungent and Sexual Miasma/1992/42 mins/EX
Cradle of Filth (UK)           Orgiastic Pleasures Foul/1992/7 tks/
Cradle of Filth (UK)           Total Fucking Darkness/1993/6 tks/
Cremation (CAN)                Pire Gah Hoath Rallir Od Ialpor/19??/2 tks/
Cremation (CAN)                Hail the Rise of Med Pe Gal/1994/2 tks/
Crematorian (USA-OH)           Tearing of the Perineum/1995/4 tks/
Crematorian (USA-OH)           live/rehearsal/10-95/4 tks/
Criminal Christ (JAP)          demo/1986/5 tks/
Crimson Moon (USA)             Into the Nocturnal Forest/1995/20 mins/
Crionic (DEN)                  demo #1/1986/4 tks/
Crionic (DEN)                  Demo #2/1987/???/
Cross Fade (USA)               Ruined/7-94/14 mins/EX
Crucifer (USA)                 Festival of Death/10-91/35 mins/EX
Crucifer (USA)                 Pictures of Heaven/1993/49 mins/EX
Crucifier (USA)                Unparalled Majesty/1993/17 mins/EX
Crucifier (USA)                By Disgrace of God/1994/6 tks/
Crypt Keepers (CAN)            demo #1/1994/4 tks/
Cryptal Darkness (AUS)         Chamber of Gore adv demo/CD/1994/4 tks/
Cryptic Death (GER)            Megathrash demo #2/1986/8 tks/
Cryptic Death (GER)            The Watcher demo #1/1986/10 tks/
Cryptopsy (CAN)                Ungentle Exhumation/1993/15 mins/EX
Curse (USA)                    Blood Rites and Ancient Arts/1995/6 tks/EX
Cut The Meat (USA)             live: 1st Ave, Mpls (Aud)/02-21-87/60 mins/
Cyanosis (USA)                 World of Suffocation/1994/18 mins/EX
Cyanosis (USA-WI)              Blind to the Lies/1994/3 tks/
Cyclone (BEL)                  rehearsal/1985/???/
D.R.I. (USA)                   demo #2/1984/???/
D.R.I. (USA)                   demo #3/1984/???/
D.T. Seizure (USA)             Name Your Poison/1989/???/
D.v.c. (USA)                   Constrictus Mortis/1989/30 mins/
Dahmer (USA)                   Altar of Skulls/6-93/19 mins/EX
Dahmer (CAN-QUE)               demo/1996/21 tks/
Damien (SWE)                   Chapter One/1987/???/
Damnation (CAN-Que)            Speed Anarchy/1986/???/
Damonacy (USA)                 Therapeutic Morbidity/19??/3 tks/
Dark Angel (USA)               demo/1983/20 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: Troubadour, Hollywood, CA/10-17-83/15 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               demo/1984/20 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               We Have Arrived/06-84/35 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: Reseda, CA/09-19-1985/???/
Dark Angel (USA)               rehearsal/10-10-85/???/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: Channel One, Baltimore/07-02-1987/50 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: Third Wave, San Antonio, TX [SB]/07-24-1987/30 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: The Ritz Theatre, Austin, Tx 25/7/87/07-25-1987/60 mins/
Dark Angel (USA)               live: Zaal Sint Martinus, Oordegem, Bel [SB]/10-26-1989/40 mins/
Dark Deception (USA)           Sadistic Intentions #1/1988/5 tks/
Dark Heresy (UK)               Diabolicus in Musica/1993/7 tks/
Dark Satan (USA)               Sodom and Gomorrah/198?/???/
Darkified (SWE)                rehearsal/12-91/1 tk/
Darkified (SWE)                rehearsal/03-06-92/1 tk/
Darkness (GER)                 unreleased tk/3-19-86/???/
Darkness Enshroud (USA)        demo #1/10-11-93/20 mins/EX-
Dawn (SWE)                     demo/1992/???/
Deacon (USA)                   Death To Posers/1985/1 tk/
Dead (GER)                     Slaves to Abysmal Perversity/1994/4 tks/
Dead Infection (POL)           Start Human Slaughter/3-92/42 mins/EX
Deadbolt (USA)                 demo/1995/???/
Deaden (USA)                   Feast on the Flesh of the Dead/19??/???/
Death (USA)                    rehearsal/1985/1 tk/
Death (USA)                    live: Escape Club, Salisbury, MA/11-16-94/6 tks/
Death Kids (USA)               promo/1996/???/
Death Ripper (SWE)             live: Eskilstuna, Sweden/08-16-86/10 mins/
Death SS (ITA)                 demo/1978/???/
Death SS (ITA)                 1 Track From Gathered Compilation LP/1982/???/
Death Tripper (USA)            demo/1985/4 tks/
Deathpeed (JAP)                Possessed By Speed reh/demo/19??/???/
Deathrash (USA)                live: The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA/2-15-87/???/
Deathrune (USA-NY)             Memories of the Exhumed (NY)/1994/4 tks/
Deathrune (USA)                Remain Forever Entangled promo/1995/5 tks/EX
Debauchery (USA)               Cranial Indulgence/1993/24 mins/EX
Decapitation (USA)             Bodily Dismemberment/198?/???/
Decay (USA-OH)                 Rebirth/1994/16:59/
Deceased (USA)                 2 tks For Mercyful Fate tribute/19??/2 tks/
Deceased (USA)                 demo/11-95/???/
Deceased (USA)                 Fearless Undead Machines/1996/25 mins/
December Wolves (USA)          Wolftread/1994/27 mins/EX
Decrepit (USA)                 Hymns of Grief of Pain/3-93/20 mins/EX
Deeds of Flesh (USA)           Gradually Melted/1995/4 tks/
Deep Machine (UK)              live: Green Gate, Ilford/1981/80 mins/
Deep Machine (UK-w/ Kevin Heybourne)live: Marquee, London/02-11-1981/45 mins/
Deep Machine (UK)              live: Greyhound, Chadwell Heath/04-26-1981/70 mins/
Defcon (USA)                   demo/1985/20 mins/
Deformity (SWE)                Sickly Obsessed/8-92/24 mins/EX
Degeneracy (CAN)               demo #1/4-91/15 mins/EX
Demented Ted (USA)             demo/1992/18 mins/EX
Dementia (USA)                 Maniacal/1997/???/
Demi-God (FIN)                 Unholy Domain/1991/???/
Demigod (FIN)                  promo/1994/???/
Demolition (USA)               When The Tomb Beckons.../1993/25 mins/EX
Demoncy (USA)                  Faustian Dawn/1993/9 tks/EX-
Demonic (NOR)                  Nar Morket Faller/09-94/3 tks/EX
Demonic Christ (USA)           Deceiving The Heavens/11-93/12 mins/EX-
Demonomacy (USA)               Demonomacy/1991/4 tks/
Desaster (GER)                 Lost in the Ages/1995/6 tks/
Desecration (USA)              demo/1986/???/
Desecration (UK)               Mangled Remains/1993/4 tks/
Desexult (DEN)                 demo #2/1986/4 tks/
Desolate (USA)                 Deface and Obliterate/1993/24 mins/EX
Desolate (USA-MA)              Scourge of Sanity #2/1994/4 tks/
Desolation Angels (UK)         Fury/1987/???/
Destructor (USA)               Power Aggression/1987/???/
Deteriorate (USA)              Nebbish - The Gathering/1994/6 tks/
Deteriorot (USA)               Deteriorot/1992/???/
Dethroned (USA)                Dark Rebirth/1993/15 mins/EX
Dethroned Lord (USA)           In God We Trust/1995/???/
Dethroned Lord (USA)           United Destiny/1996/???/
Deuce (USA)                    demo #4/1984/7 tks/EX
Devastation Run (USA)          City Stands/198?/???/
Devastator (CAN-Nfld)          Alteration/19??/???/
Devastator (CAN-Nfld)          Sonic Devastation (Nfld)/19??/???/
Devastator (CAN)               Savage Wasteland/19??/???/
Devastator (CAN-Nfld)          demo 1996 (Nfld)/1996/???/
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE)    promo/1993-1994/2 tks/EX
Diamond Head (UK)              BBC in Concert (FM)/1981/60 mins/
Diamond Head (UK)              Live: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK/06-28-81/???/
Die Front (USA)                Gangland demo + live/198?/???/
Disciples of Power (CAN)       advance demo/1993/2 tks/
Dissinterment (USA)            Eve of Abhorrance/19??/5 tks/
Dissinterment (USA)            demo #1/19??/4 tks/
Divine Eve (USA)               adv. comp. track/19??/1 tk/
Divine Eve (USA)               As The Last of the Sunset Faded/1992/4 tks/
Dominus (USA)                  Parable Of Death/1992/???/
Doom Cabalistic Culture (RUS)  demo/1994/???/
Doom Formation (USA)           Definition Of Evil/19??/???/
Doomsayer (USA)                Embraced By Darkness/1996/6 tks/
Doomstone (USA)                Possessed Cemetaries/1991/10 mins/EX
Doomwatch (USA)                Vile Revelations/1986/???/
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)         Divine and Conquer/1989/???/
Dr. Shrinker (USA)             Wedding The Grotesque #2/1989/???/
Dream Death (USA)              demo/1986/???/
Dream Death (USA)              live: The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA/4-9-89/???/
Drogheda (USA)                 demo #2/19??/23 mins/EX
Dropping The Messiah (USA)     Knowledge For It's Own Sake/1995/???/
Dspayre (USA)                  Meet Death at Full Throttle/1996/???/
Dungeon (ITA)                  The Bleeding Cross/1993/6 tks/
Dying Fetus (USA)              Bathe in Entrails/1993/6 tks/
Dying Fetus (USA)              Infatuation With Malevolence/1994/21 mins/EX
Dying Fetus (USA)              soundcheck (DAT)/11-29-96/???/
Dysentery (SWE)                Black Fucking Metal/1993/???/
Dysphoria (USA)                Day of Atonement/19??/3 tks/
Earth (UK)                     1969 Rehearsals/1969/???/
Earthshoe (USA)                Too Far/198?/???/
Ecclsia (CAN)                 Striges, Goules Et Autres Chimšres/1996/???/
Ecclsia (CAN)                 rehearsal/01-97/???/
Edge of Sanity (SWE)           Euthanasia/1989/???/
Edge of Sanity (SWE)           The Dead/1990/3 tks/
Edge of Sanity (SWE)           The Dead/1990/???/
Einherjer (NOR)                Aurora Borealis/1994/3 tks/
Eldrich Horror (USA)           Untouched by the Sun/1993/3 tks/
Embalmed (USA)                 Boiling Humans/1993/32 mins/EX
Embalmer (USA)                 Into The Oven/1991/???/
Embalmer (USA)                 Rotting Remains/6-93/15 mins/EX
Ember (USA)                    Within the Realm of the Snowqueen/1995/???/
Ember (USA)                    Within the Realm of the Snowqueen/1995/???/
Ember (USA)                    Chapter II... The Gate/1997/???/
Embodyment (USA)               demo/1996/???/
Embrionic Death (USA)          Regurgitate The Dead/19??/24 mins/EX
Embrionic Death (USA)          Stream of Solidarity.../9-93/18 mins/EX
Emperor (NOR)                  Wrath of the Tyrant/1992/43 mins/EX
Emperor (NOR)                  Rehearsal - Celtic Frost cover/1992/1 tk/
Encrypted Flesh (USA)          3 Song Preview/1996/???/
Endoparasites (USA)            Life Theatre/1994/???/
Enemy Soil (USA-VA)            sampler/1995/5 tks/
Enochian Key (ISR)             rehearsal/05-03-95/???/
Ens Cogitan (RUS)              She,the Oldest One/1994/???/
Enslaved (NOR)                 live: Milwaukee Metalfest/07-29-95/25 mins/
Entombed (SWE)                 But Life Goes On/1989/3 tks/
Entombed (SWE)                 live ? [SB]/6-1-90/???/
Entombed (SWE)                 Clandestine rough mix/1992/???/
Entombed (SWE)                 live: Axis, Boston, MA (2nd Gen)/10-29-94/14 tks/
Entropy (USA-NH)               World of Disgust/10-95/21 tks/
Epitaph (UK)                   Unearthed/1995/4 tks/
Eroticide (USA)                demo/1996/???/
Estuary of Calamity (USA)      Losing Myself in the Cryptic Breeze/1994/45 mins/
Eternal (CAN-Que)              Cold Sinister Blood/1995/???/
Euthanasia (ITA)               CassetteEP '94/1994/13:24/
Euthanausea (FIN)              Melodying/19??/???/
Eve of Mourning (USA)          A Dark Serenade/1996/???/
Everdark (USA)                 Graveside Rites/1994/4 tks/EX
Evilized (POL)                 Walking in the Fog/1994/8 tks/
Evoke (UK)                     I Am... My Own God/1994/5 tks/
Evol (ITA)                     The Dark Dreamquest, Part 1/1994/5 tks/
Exceed (USA)                   The Blood Is On Your Hands/1997/???/
Excel (USA)                    Sonic Decapitation/198?/???/
Exciter (CAN)                  live: L'amours, Brooklyn, NY [AUD]/12-21-84/90 mins/
Excrescent (USA)               Food For Worms/19??/6 tks/
Excruciating Pain (USA)        promo/1994/???/
Excruciating Terror (USA)      Vision of Terror/2-91/24 mins/EX
Executioner (USA)              demo/1986/10 mins/
Executioner (USA-pre-Xecutioner)demo 1986/1986/10 mins/
Exhaust (USA)                  Licentious Populace/1995/???/
Exhorder (USA)                 Get Rose/1988/10 mins/
Exhorder (USA)                 live: Joe's Garage, Fort Worth, TX/12-31-89/60 mins/
Exhumed (USA)                  Dissecting the Caseated Omentum/1992/6 tks/
Exhumed (USA)                  Cadaveric Splatter Platter/1994/4 tks/
Exhumed (USA-MA)               Forgotten Misery/1994/5 tks/
Exmortis (USA)                 demo/1989/???/
Exmortis (USA)                 Butchers of the Urban Frontier/1993/???/
Exploding Zombies (USA-MI)     Beyond Sufferage/3-95/3 tks/
Exterminance (USA)             Hatred Knows No Discrimination ruff adv. mix/1992/???/
Exumer (GER)                   A Mortal In Black/1986/???/
Ezurate (USA)                  demo/1995/4 tks/
F.C.D.N. Tormentor (USA)       Demonic/06-06-86/???/
F.C.D.N. Tormentor (USA)       rehearsal/05-87/???/
Faith or Fear (USA)            demo/1986/???/
Fallen Christ (USA)            Abduction Ritual/1994/15 mins/EX
Fallout (USA)                  demo/1985/4 tks/
Fatal (USA)                    Soul Burns/1989/4 tks/EX
Fatal Force (USA)              Brains On The Halfshell/1990/???/
Fatal Violence (USA)           demo #2/1986/4 tks/
FCDN Tormentor (USA)           tracks From LA Death Coalition CD/19??/???/
FCDN Tormentor (USA)           rehearsal/06-85/10 mins/
FCDN Tormentor (USA)           rehearsal/05-87/10 mins/
Fields of the Filthy (ICE)     rehearsal/1996/15 mins/
Flange (USA)                   demo/199?/???/
Flesh Emperor (CAN)            Evil Lives Forever/1995/8 tks/
Fleurety (NOR)                 Black Snow/1993/3 tks/
Floating Fish (USA)            Hawaiian Hardcore/1996/???/
Flotsam & Jetsam (USA)         Bootleg Demo/198?/2 tks/
Flotsam & Jetsam (USA)         Metal Shock demo/1985/20 mins/
Forbidden Evil (USA)           Endless Slaughter demo/rehearsal/05-07-86/15 mins/
Forbidden Evil (USA)           As Good As Dead/1987/5 mins/
Forbidden Evil (USA)           Chalice Of Blood/07-07-87/15 mins/
Formicide (USA)                demo/1987/???/
Formicide (USA)                demo #2/1988/???/
Fourth Kingdom (USA)           Decline of Serenity/1993/???/
Frigid Bich (USA)              live/studio demo/198?/25 mins/
Frigid Bich (USA)              live: Rio Thea. Valley Stream, NY (AUD)/02-12-84/40 mins/
From The Depths (USA)          promo/1997/???/
Frozen Shadows (CAN)           Empires De Glace/1996/???/
Fulgor (GER)                   promo/1993/???/
Fulgor (GER)                   rehearsal/07-19-93/???/
Funeral Bitch (USA)            Nuke 'em/1988/14 mins/EX-
Funeral Nation (USA)           State of Insanity/1990/18 mins/EX-
Funeral Nation (USA)           The Benediction/1992/25 mins/
Funeral Winds (HOL)            Resurrection/1993/5 tks/
Funeral Winds (HOL)            Resurrection/1994/5 tks/
G.I.D. (CAN-Que)               4-track rehearsal/1996/???/
Garden of Shadows (USA-MD)     Heart of the Corona demo 4 tks (MD)/04-97/4 tks/
Gehennah (SWE)                 Brilliant Loud Overlords of Destruction/1994/10 tks/
Geisha Goner (POL)             Catching Broadness/1991/47 mins/EX
Ghoul (USA)                    A Razor For The Goat/1996/???/
Ghoulunatics (CAN)             Mystralengine/1995/???/
Glacial Empire (CAN)           Serenade of a Black Eroticism/1996/???/
Goat of Mendes (USA)           Vanishing of the Northern Moon/1995/???/
Goat Penis (BRA)               htaeD no tabbaS/1992/5 tks/
Goat Serpent (FIN)             demo/1994/???/
Goatlord (USA)                 Forever Black, Dwell In Hell/1987/???/
God Dethroned (HOL)            Christ Hunt #1/1991/???/
Golden Dawn (AST)              split demo w/ Apieron/1995/45 mins/
Gonkulator (USA)               God Slaughter/1995/???/
Gorbage (CAN)                  Green Solution?/1996/???/
Gore (CAN)                     demo #1/19??/???/
Goreaphobia (USA)              Demo #3 Un-released (No Trade)/19??/???/
Goreaphobia (USA)              live - Sky Room: Buffalo, NY/12-16-90/6 tks/
Goreflesh (SWE)                Stoned/1994/7 tks/
Gorement (SWE)                 Human Relic/1991/3 tks/
Goresleeps (RUS)               demo/1993/???/
Gorgoroth (NOR)                A Sorcery Written in Blood/1993/10 mins/EX-
Gorguts (CAN)                  promo tape/1994/2 tks/
Goropsy (UK)                   split demo w/ C.U.M./1995/12 tks/
Gortician (USA)                rehearsals/04-13-97/???/
Gorugoth (JAP)                 Sator/1994/5 tks/
Gospel of the Horns (RUS)      The Satanist's Dream/1994/???/
Gotterdammerung (GER)          Furor Teutonicus/1995/???/
Grand Belial's Key (USA)       Goat of a 1000 Young/1992/23 mins/EX-
Grand Belial's Key (USA)       live/3-21-93/5 tks/
Grand Belial's Key (USA)       Triumph of the Hordes - advance EP/1994/18 mins/EX-
Grave (SWE)                    Anatomia Corporis Humani/1989/4 tks/
Greeting Death (CAN)           Pain Of The Earth/1987/???/
Gridlock (USA)                 demo/1995/???/
Grief of Emerald (SWE)         The Beginning.../1995/???/
Grinder (USA)                  Damned And Determined/1988/???/
Guillotine (SWE)               Under the Guillotine/1996/3 tks/
Gutted Pulp (USA)              Swollen Contusion/1992/4 tks/
Hades (USA)                    live: place and date unknown (FM)/198?/???/
Hades (USA)                    Live Demo + Single/1985/23 mins/EX
Hades (NOR)                    Alone Walkyng/1993/3 tks/
Half Dead (USA)                Sadistic Pleasures of Murder/1994/???/
HALLOW'S EVE (USA)             interview - press conf. w/ NASTY SAVAGE/11-27-85/30 mins/EX-
Hardware (MEX)                 Hardware/19??/8 tks/
Haruspex (USA)                 promo/1995/???/
Hatred (USA)                   Drowning In Afterbirth/198?/???/
Hatred (USA)                   Mindless/19??/???/
Have Mercy (USA)               Mass Destruction #2/1985/???/
Havohej (USA)                  Unholy Darkness and Impurity/1994/???/
Hellfire (SWE)                 demo/1986/???/
Hellhammer (SWI)               Death Fiend/1983/8 tks/
Hellhammer (SWI)               Triumph Of Death/06-11-83/45 mins/
Hellhammer (SWI)               Death Fiend/07-83/55 mins/
Hellhound (USA)                Submit or Die/1984/30 mins/
Hellhound (USA)                live: Ruthies SF (AUD)/12-31-84/30 mins/
Helloween (GER)                live: GilsenKirchen, Germany (FM)/1986/???/
Helloween (GER)                live: Agora, Cleveland, OH w/ interview (FM)/1987/???/
Hellwitch (USA)                demo #1/1985/???/
Hellwitch (USA)                demo #2/1985/???/
Hemdale (USA-OH)               Hemdale/1994/14 tks/
Henchmen, The (USA)            demo #1/1993/14 mins/EX
Hideous Mangleus (USA)         All Your Friends Are Dead/1990/24 mins/EX-
Highway Chile (HOL)            live: Hilversum, Holland (FM)/01-13-84/30 mins/
Holocaust (UK)                 live: Edinburgh, Scotland (SB)/09-81/???/
Holocaust Necropsy (CAN)       demo #1/19??/???/
Holocaust Necropsy (CAN)       Cryptogenic Germ of Bacteriologic Infection/1995/8 tks/
Human Remains (USA)            Bring Out Your Dead (Kentucky)/1990/4 tks/
Human Remains (USA)            Road To Ruins/1991/???/
Humanicide (USA)               Human Right/5-91/16 mins/EX
Iadanamada (MEX)               Odo Cicale Gaa, Od Ozodazodama Pelapeli/1995/???/
Iconoclast (ITA)               The Unmutated Revelation 7"/19??/2 tks/
Iconoclast (ITA)               Promo Tape/1992/???/
Ill Prophesy (GER)             demo/1986/???/
Imagen Putrefacta (CR)         Ave Satanas reh./demo/1994/7 tks/
Immortal (NOR)                 promo/1991/1 tk/
Immortal (NOR)                 adv. CD tks for Battles in the North/1995/???/
Immortal Fate (USA)            demo - rough mix + 1 live/1992/5 tks/
Immortal Possession (CAN)      Mass Murder/1994/4 tks/
Immortal Possession (CAN)      adv. tape/1995/???/
Immured (GER)                  Torture Master/4-93/5 tks/
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)         Taog Eht Fo Htao/1991/26 mins/EX-
Impaler (USA)                  demo #2/1983/15 mins/
Impaler (USA)                  demo #3/1983/15 mins/
Impaler (USA)                  Daddy Raw/1992/20 mins/
Impaler (USA)                  Sonic Freakshow/1996/???/
Imperator (POL)                live: Poland (SB)/07-26-87/???/
Impetigo (USA)                 Faceless/1991/14 mins/EX
Impiety (MAL)                  Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration/1992/16 mins/EX-
Impious (SWE)                  Let There Be Darkness/1995/???/
Imprecation (USA)              Ceremony of the Nine Angels/19??/???/
Impurity (CAN)                 The Twilight Before/1997/???/
In Silence I Mourn (CAN)       Dawn of Sorrow/1996/???/
In The Woods (NOR)             Isle of Men/1993/39 mins/EX
Incantation (USA)              live: Milwaukee Metalfest/07-29-95/15 mins/
Incantation (USA)              promo/1996/???/
Incarnator (NOR)               Nordic Holocaust/1993/2 tks/
Incarnis (USA)                 Castigation #2/1992/10 mins/EX
Incision (SWE)                 Perverted Possessions/19??/15 mins/EX-
Incubus (USA)                  demo/1987/3 tks/
Incubus (USA)                  demo/04-87/15 mins/
Infant Skull (USA)             Broken Skin/1996/???/
Infant Skull (USA)             Rough Demos For Bleeding Away The Pain/1997/???/
Infected (BRA)                 Dead Paradise/1995/???/
Infected (AUS)                 Prick/1992/6 tks/
Infernal Death (USA)           Incantations of the Gates/1989/???/
Infernal Majesty (CAN)         demo/1986/4 tks/
Infernal Majesty (CAN)         live: Blondie's, Detroit, Mi  9/14/88/09-14-1988/???/
Infernal Majesty (CAN)         Nigrescent Dissolution/1989/2 tks/
Infernal Majesty (CAN)         Creation of Chaos demo - taken from BCD/1991/???/
Infernal Majesty (CAN)         live: Kiehool, Bergum, Hol./09-06-1997/45 mins/
Infernal Torment (DEN)         Instincts/1994/???/
Inferno (NOR)                  Necro rehearsal/10-10-94/1 tk/
Infernum (POL)                 Damned Majesty/1994/4 tks/
Infern” (NOR)                  Massacre In Hell/1995/???/
Infern” (NOR)                  live: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Hol./05-04-1997/???/
Infern™ (NOR)                  rehearsal track/1992/5 mins/
Infern™ (NOR)                  Advance Track Comp Cd/1996/5 mins/
Infern™ (NOR)                  Adv. Tk Comp 7" - Headbangers Against Disco/1996/5 mins/
Infern™ (NOR)                  Discowimpmangling Rehearsal/02-25-96/5 mins/
Infestation (USA-CA)           demo/1992/5 tks/
Infestation (USA-NY)           demo/1992/2 tks/
Infestation (USA)              Visions of Repulsion/1992/4 tks/
Infestation (USA)              Conceived/1994/4 tks/
Innocent Blood (FRA)           demo #2/1996/???/
Insane (POL)                   Religion/12-92/40 mins/EX
Insaniac (USA-NJ)              Psychomania/1987/26 mins/
Insanity (USA)                 demo/rehearsal (final mix)/1985/???/
Insanity (USA)                 live: Ruthies Inn, Berkeley, CA/05-30-1986/40 mins/
Insanity (USA)                 rehearsal/1989/???/
Insanity (USA)                 demo/1989/30 mins/
Insanity (USA)                 Death After Death LP recording session/11-24-91/???/
Insatanity (USA)               Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam/1994/4 tks/
Insatanity (USA-NJ/PA)         Unholiness Rising/1995/4 tks/
Inthroned (USA)                Nihilistic Delusions promo/1995/???/
Inthroned (USA)                Nihilistic Delusions/1995/???/
Inverted (SWE)                 Heaven Defied/4-92/18 mins/EX
Inverted Pentagram (HOL)       The Pentagram/1993/4 tks/
IR8 (USA)                      Colossus/10-94/???/
Iron Maiden (UK)               BBC Studios/11-14-78/???/
Iron Maiden (UK)               Spacewood Studios, London/12-30-78/???/
Iron Maiden (UK)               BBC Studios/12-14-79/???/
Iron Maiden (UK)               Bruce Dickinson demo/1981/???/
Iron Warrior (CAN)             Thy Deadly Illusion/1988/2 tks/
Jag Panzer (USA)               rehearsal/1985/65 mins/
Jaguar (UK)                    live: Amersfoort, Holland/11-28-81/40 mins/
Jesus Skin (USA)               Jesus Skin/1996/4 tks/
Judas Priest (UK)              live: Sad Wings Of Destiny Tour (FM)/1975/60 mins/
Judas Priest (UK)              live: Albaquerque, NM (FM)/08-84/45 mins/
Judecca (USA)                  Eternal Rest/1992/10 mins/EX
Jungle Rot (USA)               Skin the Living/1995/10 tks/
Kadath (FRA)                   Face Your Death/1994/32 mins/EX
Kataklysm (CAN)                The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation/1992/2 tks/
Kataklysm (CAN)                promo/1993/4 tks/
Kataklysm (CAN)                live: Mission Rock Resort, San Francisco, CA/06-11-95/???/
Kataklysm (CAN)                live: Milwaukee Metalfest/07-29-95/25 mins/
Kidd Wikkid (CAN)              demo #1/1986/15 mins/
Kill'D'Kor (USA)               demo/1986/???/
King Diamond (DEN)             Fatal Portrait demos/1986/30 mins/
Kohort (POL)                   Christian Masquerade/1995/???/
Kraken (CAN)                   Demo/1982/???/
Kreator (GER)                  Outtake track from "Pleasure To Kill" PD/19??/???/
Kreator (GER)                  live: 1st Ave, Mpls/5-19-85/45 mins/
Kreator (GER)                  live: HM Battle, W. Germany [aud]/2-1-86/40 mins/
Krueger (VEN)                  Obsecration Al Dolor promo/1994/???/
Kruel Hearitage (USA)          demo/1996/6 tks/
Krush (CAN)                    advance tracks/1996/???/
L.S.D. (POR)                   promo/1993/???/
Lacerator (UK)                 Fetal Dismemberment/1993/6 tks/
Lachrymator (USA)              Ritual of Darkness/1992/6 tks/
Landfill (USA)                 Confined Inner Beauty/19??/???/
Last Flight (UK)               BBC sessions  (FM)/1981/???/
Legacy (USA)                   demo #1/1985/4 tks/
Legacy (USA)                   demo/1985/???/
Lethal Prayer (USA)            Evil Filth/04-94/7 tks/EX
Lethal Presence (CAN)          Unholy Alliance Demo 1986/1986/???/
Leviathan (USA)                Legions Of The Undead/1987/4 tks/
Lewd (USA)                     demo/1985/???/
Limbonic Art (NOR)             promo rehearsal/1996/30 mins/
Lividity (USA)                 Ritual of Mortal Impalement/1994/2 tks/
Lobotomist (CAN-QUE)           Legions of the Dark Realms/1994/3 tks/
Lobotomy (SWE)                 Against the Gods/1992/7 tks/
Lord Mortis (CAN)              advanced tape/1992/4 tks/
Lord of Depression (USA)       demo #1/1995/3 tks/
Lubricant (FIN)                Swallow the Symmetric Swab/1992/5 tks/
Lucifer's Hammer (USA)         Hymns To The Moon - Chapter 1/199?/???/
Luciferion (*UNK*)             demo/1994/15 mins/
Lucifers Hammer (USA)          The Burning Church/1993/26 mins/EX
Ludichrist (USA)               demo/198?/???/
Lugubrious (ITA)               In Nomine Domini Nostri, Jesus Christi/01-93/5 tks/EX
Lycanthropy (USA-WI)           Changing of the Soul/1990/4 tks/
Lycanthropy (USA-WI)           Internal Funeral/1991/3 tks/
Macabre (USA)                  Live In Hell/1987/15 mins/
Maggot Infested Corpse (USA)   The Bloody Mess Sessions/1996/???/
Maggoty Corpse (JAP)           Baptisma/1993/15 mins/EX
Malediction (UK)               A Pungent and Sexual Miasma/1992/47 mins/EX
Malefic Oath (HOL)             The Land Where Evil Dwells/1992/3 tks/EX
Maleficarum (ITA)              Unblessed/19??/???/
Malfeitor (USA)                demo/1987/15 mins/
Malicious Hate (USA-MI)        Bring Forth Hate/03-11-95/4 tks/
Malicious Intent (USA)         promo/1996/???/
Maluscide (USA)                Partake of the Blasphemy/1993/???/
Mangled (HOL)                  Perish/7-93/30 mins/EX
Maninnya Blade (SWE)           Incubus Demo 1987/1987/???/
Manowar (USA)                  demo/1981/???/
Mantas (USA)                   rehearsal/1984/???/
Mantas (USA)                   Emotional/1984/???/
Mantus (USA)                   Preying on the Land/198?/???/
Marduk (SWE)                   Fuck Me Jesus/1991/4 tks/
Masochist (USA)                Nocturnal Practices rehearsal/11-20-94/6 tks/EX-
Mass Cremation (CAN-Que)       rehearsal/12-94/???/
Mass Psychosis (USA)           Face/1993/28 mins/EX
Master (USA)                   rehearsal/1985/???/
Master (USA)                   Unreleased EP (rough mix)/1985/???/
Master (USA)                   rehearsal/08-85/25 mins/
Master (USA)                   live: Volumes, Inc. Steger, IL/08-13-89/35 mins/
Master's Hammer (CFSR)         advance tks for new CD/1995/2 tks/
Matanboukos (FRA)              rehearsal/02-95/???/
Mausoleum (USA)                Summoning of the Damned/1992/3 tks/
Mayhem (BRA)                   demo/1989/1 tk/
Meadow In Silence (SWE)        Meadow In Silence/1995/???/
Meat Shits (USA)               Fuck Frenzy/19??/42 mins/EX
Medieval Demon (GRE)           Night of the Infernal Lords/1994/4 tks/
Mefisto (SWE)                  Megalomania  #1/1986/???/
Mega Slaughter (SWE)           Death Remains/1989/???/
Megadeth (USA)                 interview w/ Metallic Overkill Fanzine/02-19-84/???/
Melodic Holocaust (USA)        Deterioration/1995/???/
Mendes Prey (UK)               live: Marquee, London/02-13-83/40 mins/
Mephisto (UK)                  Toll the Raven Knell/1995/6 tks/
Mercenary (USA)                demo/1986/???/
Merciless Sin (USA)            Demo 1986/1986/???/
Mercury Rising (USA)           demo #1/1993/5 tks/EX
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live: Herlev, Denmark (SB)/10-31-81/70 mins/
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands [AUD]/04-09-83/90 mins/
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live: Club Can't Tell, Sacramento, CA [AUD]/10-21-84/90 mins/
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live: Spectrum, Montreal, QB, Can. [AUD]/11-07-84/80 mins/
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live: Saga Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark/11-05-85/90 mins/
Mercyful Fate (DEN)            live - Trocadero: SF, CA/02-07-95/???/VG+/EX-
Messe Noir (USA-CT)            demo 4 tks (CT)/1996/4 tks/
Messiah (SWI)                  live: Zug, Switzerland/03-13-1986/???/
Messiah Death (JAP)            Immortal Kingdom Demo 1988/1988/???/
METAL CHURCH (USA)             demo #5/1983/23 mins/EX
Metallica (USA)                demo late 1981 w/ Lloyd Grant/1981/???/
Metallica (USA)                Hit the Lights MM1 1st Ver (Molten Rock LP)/1982/5 mins/
Metallica (USA)                Hit the Lights MM1 2nd Ver (Met Mass CD)/03-82/5 mins/
Metallica (USA)                Power Metal Demos, Ron McGovney's Garage/04-82/17 mins/
Metallica (USA)                No Life Till Leather [Remastered]/07-06-82/30 mins/
Metallica (USA)                last Mustaine demo 1983 (US)/1983/???/
Metallica (USA)                last Mustaine demo 1983 (US)/1983/???/
Metallica (USA)                live: Glens Falls, NY (AUD)/04-27-86/45 mins/
Metallica (USA)                Metallistore 1/21/93/9-28-91/12 mins/EX
Michael Kiske (GER)            advance/1996/???/
Middenheim (CAN)               rehearsal/1994/2 tks/
Middenheim (CAN)               rehearsal (DAT)/12-11-94/4 tks/
Middenheim (CAN)               rehearsal/3-19-95/1 tk/
Middenheim (CAN)               Rehearsal (DAT)/04-09-97/???/
Mind As Mine (ICE)             promo/1996/???/
Mindrot (USA)                  demo #1/19??/???/
Mindrot (USA)                  studio promo/1992/???/
Minotaur (GER)                 The Oath of Blood/1986/???/
Minotaur (GER)                 The Slaughter Continues #2/1986/???/
Minotaur (GER)                 The Power Of Darkness  #3/12-1987/???/
Mistical Ritual (CR)           rehearsal/1994/3 tks/
Mock (NOR)                     Cold Winter/1993/4 tks/
Molested Senses (USA)          Molested Senses/1995/5 tks/
Molested Senses (USA)          demo/1995/???/
Molested Senses (USA)          demo/1995/5 tks/
Monasplat 7 (USA)              Now Available Without A Prescription/1993/38 mins/EX
Mondo Thrasho (USA)            demo/1993/35 mins/
Monstrosity (USA)              Immense Malignancy/1991/16 mins/EX-
Monstrosity (USA)              demo/1994/15 mins/EX
Moonburn (USA)                 promo/rehearsal/1994/10 mins/EX
Moonful (CAN)                  promo/1996/???/
Moonlore (CAN-QUE)             Scarlet Tears Divine/1996/???/
Moonspell (POR)                Anno Satanae/1993/5 tks/
Morbid Angel (USA)             Welcome To Hell/1985/???/
Morbid Angel (USA)             demo 1/1986/???/
Morbid Angel (USA)             demo/1986/???/
Morbid Angel (USA)             live: 1986 2 tks feat. R. Brunelle On Vocals/1986/2 tks/
Morbid Angel (USA)             Thy Kingdom Come/1987/???/
Morbid Angel (USA)             live: Soundboard, North Carolina/1987/???/
Morbid Darkness (CAN)          Return From Death/1994/5 tks/
Morbid Entree (USA-PA)         Smorgasgore  demo 7 tks (PA)/06-96/7 tks/
Morbid Symphony (UK)           The Obscure Depths of Light/19??/6 tks/
Mordicus (FIN)                 Wrathorn/10-92/37 mins/EX
Morgion (USA)                  Rabid Decay/07-91/6 tks/EX
Morgue (USA)                   Severe Psychopathology/1992/25 mins/
Morkeum (CAN-QUE)              Morkeum/1996/6 tks/
Morning Star (FIN)             Inside the Circle of Pentagram/199?/???/
Morphosis (IRE)                Modus Operandi/19??/4 tks/
Morphosis (IRE)                Malicious Malfiguration/1995/4 tks/
Mortal Agony (FIN)             The Cradle/1994/???/
Mortal Decay (USA)             Grisly Aftermath/3-93/22 mins/EX
Mortal Decay (USA)             Brutalizing Creations/1995/???/
Mortal Slaughter (POL)         Destiny/9-91/39 mins/EX
Mortar (USA)                   Conquering Armies/198?/???/
Morthona (USA)                 ... Where All Dividing Lines Become A Blur/07-31-96/???/
Mortify (NOR)                  Skuggeriket/1995/???/
Mortiis (NOR)                  The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost/1994/40 mins/
Motley Crue (USA)              Shout at the Devil/1983/???/
Motorhead (UK)                 BBC session/1978/10 mins/
Motorhead (UK)                 live: L'amour East, Queens, NY (FM)/1983/20 mins/
Mourning Wind (SWE)            In My Forest/1994/4 tks/
Mugger (USA)                   Satan's Girl/1995/???/
Murdergod (USA-OR)             God Destroyer/02-96/10 tks/
Mutant Speed (USA)             demo/1992/3 tks/
Mutilated (FRA)                Psychodeath Lunatics/05-06-88/20 mins/
Mutilation (USA)               Molesting The Remains/19??/???/
Mutilator (BRA)                Grave Desecration/1985/???/
Mutilator (BRA)                rehearsal/1986/???/
Mutilator (BRA)                demo/1986/???/
Mutilator (BRA)                demo/02-86/???/
My Dying Bride (UK)            Towards the Sinister/1990/25 mins/EX-
Naglfar (SWE)                  promo track/1995/???/
Namtaru (USA)                  Plagues of Namtar/1997/???/
Napalm Death (UK)              Misc. Unreleased Tks/19??/???/
Nasferatu (USA)                Plague of Doom/1991/23 mins/EX
Nasferatu (USA)                For The Blood Is Life.../1992/17 mins/EX
Nastrond (SWE)                 From A Black Funeral Coffin/1993/???/
Nasty Savage (USA)             rehearsal/1984/65 mins/
Nasty Savage (USA)             rehearsal/1985/60 mins/
Natas (USA)                    Infernal Damnation/1986/???/
Necrobiosis (FIN)              The Pile of Decayed Entrails/1993/???/
Necrodeath (ITA)               The Shining Pentagram/1986/4 tks/
Necrodeath (ITA)               The Shining Pentagram/1986/???/
Necrofago (BRA)                rehearsal/1987/???/
Necrofago (BRA)                Brutal Mutilation/1988/???/
Necrology (USA)                Physical Decay/03-19-95/???/
Necromancy (GRE)               Visions of Lunacy/1989/???/
Necromansy (USA)               5 Tr. Live + 1 Rehearsal/198?/6 tks/
Necromansy (USA)               Cremation/1986/2 tks/
Necromantia (GRE)              Each Dawn I Die - Manowar cover/19??/???/
Necromantia (GRE)              demo/1993/1 tk/
Necromantix (USA)              live: Eagles Club, Milwaukee (AUD)/12-06-85/30 mins/
Necromass (ITA)                Connected Body Pentagram promo/1993/2 tks/
Necrophagia (USA)              rehearsal/1986/5 mins/
Necrophagia (USA)              It Began With A Twisted Dream/1986/???/
Necrophagia (USA)              rehearsal/02-86/5 mins/
Necrophagous (USA)             Embalmed and Stripped of Flesh/19??/3 tks/
Necrophobic (SWE)              Unholy Prophecies/1991/16 mins/EX
Necropolis (USA)               Futurekill/1987/???/
Necrosis (USA)                 Necrosis/1991/???/
Necrosis (USA-NJ)              The Prophet of Carnage/1992/???/
Necrotic Mutation (CAN)        Sepulchre of the Suffering/1993/15 mins/EX
Necrovore (USA)                demo #1/1987/4 tks/
Necrovore (USA)                demo/rehearsal/03-87/15 mins/
Nefandus (SWE)                 Behold the Hordes/1995/???/
Nefarion (USA-FL)              Self-Immolation for Daemonic Positioning (FL/06-96/8 tks/
Nefarious (CAN)                Involuntary Episodes of Aggression/05-93/4 tks/
Nepenthe (USA)                 The Conqueror Worm/1993/???/
Nergal (GRE)                   Ljus Morker promo/1994/1 tk/
Neuraxis (CAN-Que)             Le Promo D'Imagery promo/1996/???/
Neuraxis (CAN-Que)             Le Promo D'Imagery/1996/???/
Neuropath (AUS)                Desert Of Excruciation/1996/???/
Nidhug (DEN)                   demo #2/1995/4 tks/
Nifelheim (SWE)                Unholy Death/1994/???/
Nightfall (GRE)                Vanity demo #2/1991/???/
Nihilist (SWE)                 Only Shreds Remain/1988/10 mins/VG+
Nivlheim (NOR)                 demo/1993/???/
No Remorse (AUS)               Stroke of Death/1988/5 tks/
Nocturnamancer (CAN)           Dark Godz Slay adv. tape/1994/2 tks/
Nomicon (USA)                  demo/1996/???/
Northern Empire (DEN)          It's Time/1993/4 tks/EX
November Grief (CAN)           Evil-ution/1994/???/
November Grief (CAN-QUE)       To Live...In This World of Chaos/1995/10 tks/
NRK (USA)                      demo/1984/???/
NRK (USA)                      interview/1984/???/
Nuclear Assault (USA)          demo/1984/30 mins/
Nuclear Assault (USA)          Live, Suffer, Die/1986/20 mins/
Nuclear Assault (USA)          demo #2/1986/???/
Nuclear Death (USA)            Bride of Insect/19??/???/
Nuclear Death (USA)            For Our Dead/1992/10 mins/EX
Num Skull (USA-IL)             Nums the Word/1986/34 mins/
Nunslaughter (USA)             Face of Evil/19??/7 tks/
Nunslaughter (USA)             The Guts of Christ/19??/5 tks/
Oberon (CAN-Nfld)              Live at Junctions (Nfld)/05-15-97/???/
Oblivion (CAN)                 demo/03-87/15 mins/
Oblivion (CAN)                 rehearsal/08-17-87/10 mins/
Oblivion (CAN)                 demo (remixed)/09-87/15 mins/
Obscene Crisis (CAN-Que)       Modern Hypocrisy/1994/???/
Obsession (USA)                live: Cheers, Long Island, NY/01-28-84/60 mins/
Obtained Enslavement (NOR)     Out Of The Crypts/1993/???/
Occult (USA)                   Bloodthirsty/1986/???/
Occult (HOL)                   studio demo/1993/5 tks/
October 31st (USA)             Voyage To Infinity/19??/???/
Odium (USA)                    demo/1994/???/
Onslaught (UK)                 rehearsal/1984/15 mins/
Onslaught (UK)                 live: "Let There Be Rock" Bradford Qns Hall/12-19-88/???/
Order From Chaos (USA)         Crushed Infamies/1989/19 mins/EX
Order From Chaos (USA)         Will To Power/1990/10 mins/EX
Order From Chaos (USA)         rehearsal/11-15-91/???/
Order From Chaos (USA)         An Ending In Fire adv. tks/1995/???/
Organism (USA)                 demo #1/1994/4 tks/
Orphanage (HOL)                Druid/1993/???/
Over Kill (USA)                1st Ave Mpls (AUD)/11-16-86/45 mins/
Ozzy Osbourne (UK)             compilation of non-LP songs/19??/???/
Ozzy Osbourne (UK)             live: London, England/09-20-80/???/
Pagan Winds (USA)              demo #1/1996/???/
Paganus Doctrina (CR)          rehearsal/1995/???/
Paineater (USA-FL)             Hypersexual Psychoviolence/1990/6 tks/
Pale Horse (USA)               Bitter Fruits of Temptations/1994/???/
Panzerchrist (DEN)             demo/1995/20 mins/
Papsmear (USA)                 rehearsal 1986 w/ no vocals/1986/5 mins/
Papsmear (USA)                 rehearsal 1986 w/ Jeff Hanneman on vocals/1986/5 mins/
Papsmear (USA)                 rehearsal 1986 w/ Matt Fallon on vocals/1986/5 mins/
Parricide (USA)                A Future In Suffering/1995/???/
Pax Mortis (USA)               Fear/1992/4 tks/
Pedifile (USA)                 Die A Violent Death/1986/???/
Pedifile (USA)                 Round 2/1987/???/
Perished (NOR)                 Through the Black Mist/1994/6 tks/
Perpetual Doom (USA-MA)        Sorrow's End demo 7 tks (MA)/1995/7 tks/
Perverseraph (USA)             Savage Messiah/1997/???/
Pessimist (USA)                Absence of Light/19??/???/
Pestilence (USA)               Infected/1987/4 tks/
Phlebotomized (HOL)            Devoted To God/1992/45 mins/
Phlegm (USA)                   Consumed by the Dead/1991/10 tks/
Phlegm (USA)                   Masterpiece Of Mutilation/1991/???/
Pitch Shifter (UK)             soundcheck: Liverpool, UK/12-14-91/2 mins/
Pitch Shifter (UK)             live: Planet X, Liverpool, UK/12-14-91/40 mins/
Pleurisy (HOL)                 Degenerated To A Human Life/03-95/???/
Pointius Prophet (USA)         Rites of Hatred/1988/10 mins/
Poison (GER)                   Bestial Death #2 (cuts)/1985/6 tks/
Poison (GER)                   Bestial Death  #2/1985/6 tks/
Poison (GER)                   Bestial Death/10-29-85/25 mins/
Poison (GER)                   Awakening Of The Dead/03-29-86/40 mins/
Poison (GER)                   Into The Abyss/12-21-86/30 mins/
Polyglot (USA)                 Spent/1994/???/
Polyglot (USA)                 Pierced For Transgression/1995/???/
Porno (CAN)                    No God Your God/19??/???/
Porno Holocaust (NOR)          The Penetration of Virgin Mary/1994/6 tks/
Possessed (USA)                Possessed/1991/4 tks/
Possessed (USA)                Demo #2/1993/???/
Powermad (USA)                 demo/1985/25 mins/
Powermad (USA)                 live: 1st Ave, Mpls (AUD)/03-02-86/40 mins/
Powermad (USA)                 live: 1st Ave, Mpls (AUD)/04-12-86/40 mins/
Pretty Maids (DEN)             Miscolc (boot)/1987/???/
Prime Evil (*UNK*)             demo/1988/4 tks/
Primigenium (SPA)              promo/1996/1 tk/
Primordial (IRE)               Dark Romanticism/1994/4 tks/
Profanatica (USA)              Putrescence of .../19??/2 tks/
Profanatica (USA)              Putresecense Of.../1990/???/
Profanatica (USA)              rehearsal/1990/???/
Profanatica (USA)              Weeping In Heaven/1991/12 mins/EX
Profanatica (USA)              Final Hour of Christ/1991/???/
Prophanity (SWE)               Messenger of the Northern Warrior Host #/1994/4 tks/
Protector (GER)                Protector Of Death/1986/10 mins/
Psychic Pawn (USA)             Expedient Demise/1991/4 tks/EX
Psychic Pawn (USA)             Wake of Entity/1992/3 tks/EX
Psycho Drama (USA)             The Illusion/1993/8 tks/EX
Pulp (UK)                      System Berserk/5-91/27 mins/EX
Pulp (UK)                      Silent Assassin/5-91/24 mins/EX
Pyogenesis (GER)               live: Chemnitz, Ger./01-17-94/6 tks/
Quo Vadis (CAN)                demo 1995/1995/???/
Quo Vadis (CAN-Que)            Quo Vadis/1996/???/
R.U. Dead? (GER)               Simply Dead/02-90/30 mins/
R.U. Dead? (GER)               Individual Horror/1991/15 mins/
Rage Against The Machine (USA) - Inside Out/1990/6 tks/
Rage Against The Machine (USA) - live in the U.S.A./1993/13 tks/
Ragnarok (NOR)                 Et Winterland I Nord/1994/1 tk/
Rancid Decay (USA)             Cradle of Doom/1986/6 tks/
Rat Salad (USA)                demo/19??/5 tks/
Ravage (USA)                   Rotting In Hell/1986/20 mins/
Ravage (USA)                   On They Slay/12-86/15 mins/
Ravage (USA)                   rehearsal/04-28-87/10 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    demo #2/1984/45 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    demo/1984/5 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    CKLN interview/10-24-84/5 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    live: Spectrum, Montreal, Que./03-25-85/20 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    CKLN interview/04-23-85/10 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    live: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Ont/07-12-85/80 mins/
Razor (CAN)                    live: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Ont [SB]/10-05-1985/40 mins/
Re-Animator (USA)              The Final Stage of Evolution/1988/23 mins/EX
Redrum (USA)                   live: Sacramento (SB)/06-04-85/20 mins/
Regredior (LIT)                Born in the Coffin/1993/27 mins/EX
Repugnant (USA)                Gloating Over Corpses/1992/???/
Repulsion (SWE)                Slaughter Of The Innocent/1986/20 mins/
Revenant (USA)                 Beyond The Winds Of Sorrow/1987/???/
Revenant (USA)                 Revenant/1988/???/
Revenant (USA)                 Promo Tape/1995/???/
Revoltage (PHI)                Punishment/1994/7 tks/
Rhapsody (GER)                 Eternal Glory/1995/???/
Righteous Pigs (USA)           Bonus Tks/19??/???/
Ripped (USA)                   Blotter/1991/28 mins/EX
Ripped (USA)                   Easter Island/1991/12 mins/EX
Ripping Corpse (USA)           rehearsal/04-22-88/6 tks/
Ripping Corpse (USA)           rehearsal/4-22-88/7 tks/
Ripping Corpse (USA)           live: Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ/08-21-90/???/
Ritual Sacrifice (USA)         Dimmer the Light/1994/4 tks/EX
Rotting (CAN)                  Nothing But Attitude/19??/???/
Rotting (CAN)                  Christ Crusher/19??/???/
Rotting (CAN)                  Human Race Liquidation/1994/???/
Rotting (CAN)                  Drown in Rotting Flesh/1995/???/
Rotting Christ (GRE)           Ade's Wind promo/1992/2 tks/
Rotting Corpse (USA)           demo #2/1985/3 tks/
Rotting Corpse (USA)           demo/1985/3 tks/
Rotting Corpse (USA)           demo #3/1990/6 tks/
Rotting Fetus (USA)            Chunks and Pieces/198?/???/
Rottrevore (USA)               The Epitome of Pantalgia/1990/5 tks/
Running Wild (GER)             Death or Glory tour and early demos bootleg/19??/???/
Running Wild (GER)             live: Palo Alto, CA/1986/???/
Runt (USA)                     Prototype Olson/1994/40 mins/EX
S.O.D. (USA)                   demo (Adv Tape)/1985/15 mins/
S.O.D. (USA)                   demo/1986/???/
S.O.D. (USA)                   live: "Live at Budokan" The Ritz, NY (SB)/03-21-92/???/
Sabbat (JAP)                   live: Tokyo, Japan/11-03-86/40 mins/
Sabbat (JAP)                   live: Nagoya, Japan/05-31-87/40 mins/
Sabbat (JAP)                   Bloody Countess [Official Rehearsal Tracks]/1993/???/
Sabbat (UK)                    Magic in Practice and Theory/1985/3 tks/
Sabnack (USA)                  Quench Thy Thirst For Hatred/1997/???/
Sacrament (CAN-Nfld)           demo (Nfld) (pre-Festered Corpse)/19??/???/
Sacred Alien (UK)              live: Salford College Of Technology/03-18-83/30 mins/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             demo #5/1985/???/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             live: NY Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Can./05-31-85/???/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             live: New York Theatre, Vancouver, BC/08-05-85/???/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             demo/1988/10 mins/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             demo/1990/10 mins/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             interview/1990/5 mins/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             CITR interview/1990/5 mins/
Sacred Blade (CAN)             live: Vancouver, BC/1991/40 mins/
Sacred Death (USA)             demo/1986/5 tks/
Sacred Death (USA)             Scared To Death/1987/6 tks/
Sacrifice (CAN)                interview w/ Robb Urbinati [FM]/19??/10 mins/
Sacrifice (CAN)                rehearsal/1984/???/
Sacrifice (CAN)                rehearsal/12-31-85/45 mins/
Sacrifice (CAN)                live: Starwood,Toronto [AUD]/02-07-86/45 mins/
Sacrifice (CAN)                rehearsal/06-14-86/90 mins/
Sacrifice (CAN)                live: Coranet, Kitchener, Ont./07-25-86/40 mins/
Sacrificed Slaughtered Jesus (GER) - The Return of Nidhogg/1994/5 tks/
Sacrilegium (POL)              Sleeptime/19??/5 tks/EX
Sadist (SWE)                   studio tk/1987/???/
Sadist (ITA)                   Black Screams/1992/17 mins/EX
Sadistic Intent (USA)          Impending Doom/1990/16 mins/EX
Saints of Pain (USA)           demo/1995/???/
Saints of Pain (USA)           Untitled/1996/???/
Salient (USA)                  The Lesser Evil/1993/???/
Samhain (GER)                  Eternal Death/1986/???/
Sarcofago (BRA)                live Rio de Janeiro/10-16-86/???/
Sarcophagus (USA)              rehearsal/demo/1991/4 tks/
Sarcophagy (USA-IN)            Cut To Pieces/1995/4 tks/
Satan's Bitch (USA)            demo/1985/???/
Satan's Massacre (USA)         demo/1986/???/
Satariel (SWE)                 Hellfuck/1995/???/
Sathanas (USA)                 live: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/11-13-88/5 mins/
Sathanas (USA)                 Ripping Evil 7"/Dub/1993/15 mins/
Sathanas (USA)                 promo/1993/5 mins/
Sathanas (USA)                 promo/1995/10 mins/
Savage Thrust (USA)            Live Pain/1987/???/
Savatage (USA)                 Demo/84-85/???/
Savatage (USA)                 live: Harpo's, Detroit (FM)/6-14-85/90 mins/
Savatage (USA)                 live: 1st Ave, Mpls (AUD)/08-04-85/45 mins/
Scattered Remnants (USA)       Procreating Mass Carnage/1994/5 tks/
Schlameal (USA)                demo/1995/???/
Screaming Gore Guts (USA)      We Are Fucking God/198?/???/
Sempternal Fall (UK)           demo/1994/???/
Sentinel Beast (USA)           Depths of Death/198?/???/
Sentinel Beast (USA)           Kill the Witch/198?/???/
Sepsism (USA)                  Severe Carnal Butchery/1994/???/
Septic Death (USA)             Keecheeguy/198?/???/
Sepulchral Death (GER)         Praising Death/1986/5 tks/
Seven Gates (SIN)              Crucified By Dawn/1993/???/
Sewage (USA)                   Big City/1996/???/
Sex Pistols (UK)               live: Burton on Trent, UK  [SB]/09-24-76/40 mins/
Shub Niggurath (MEX)           Evilness and Darkness Prevails EP/19??/4 tks/
Shub Niggurath (MEX)           Horror Creatures/1990/???/
Shub Niggurath (MEX)           Horror Creatures/1990/25 mins/
Shub Niggurath (MEX)           live: Mexico City/10-28-90/40 mins/
Shub Niggurath (MEX)           rehearsal/11-29-90/10 mins/
Sickness (GRE)                 Primordial Brutality/1996/???/
Siege (USA)                    demo/1984/???/
Sigh (JAP)                     Requiem For Fools/1992/???/
Sigillum Diaboli (FIN)         demo #2/1994/5 tks/
Silent (NOR)                   demo/1994/6 tks/
Sindrome (USA)                 Into The Halls Of Extermination/11-9-87/20 mins/
Sindrome (USA)                 Vault of Inner Conscience/1-91/25 mins/EX
Sister (USA)                   demo/1977/20 mins/
Six Feet Under (*UNK*)         Going Somewhere/1995/4 tks/
Sjagor Dam (SWE)               Black Blood/1995/5 tks/
Skinned (USA-CO)               Army of the Dead demo 7 tks (CO)/10-9-96/7 tks/
Skull (ITA)                    Maniac/1984/25 mins/
Skullview (USA)                rehearsal/1996/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                One Foot in the Grave demo #1/1984/5 tks/
Slaughter (CAN)                live: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Ontario/07-12-85/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal/08-03-85/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                CKLN interview w/ Terry & Ron/08-06-85/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal/10-25-85/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal w/ Evil Chuck/01-86/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal w/ Evil Chuck/01-21-86/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal/04-18-86/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                rehearsal/05-16-86/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                live: The Bridge, Toronto, Ont./05-20-86/65 mins/
Slaughter (CAN)                live: Toronto/7-4-86/11 tks/
Slaughter (CAN)                live: Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario/07-04-86/???/
Slaughter (CAN)                The Dark/1988/15 mins/
Slaughter (CAN)                Paranormal/1989/30 mins/
Slaughter Lord (AUS)           promo tk/1986/1 tk/
Slaughter Lord (AUS)           rehearsal/demo/1986/???/
Slaughter Lord (AUS)           live: Melbourne, Australia/04-18-1987/???/
Slaughterlord (AUS)            Taste of Blood/1986/3 tks/
Slayer (USA)                   live Monterey, CA/08-27-83/???/
Slayer (USA)                   rehearsal/6-17-84/10 mins/
Slayer (USA)                   rehearsal 'witching Hour & Gumby Theme'/1985/5 mins/
Slayer (USA)                   live: Elkerlyck, Luttenberg, Holland/06-02-85/90 mins/
Slayer (USA)                   live: Apollo, Manchester, England [AUD]/09-16-88/90 mins/
Sloth (USA)                    Allways Happy To Disappoint/1994/???/
Sloth (USA)                    Poverty Level Guitar Swill/1996/???/
Slough (USA)                   Lonely Perversions and Masturbatory Sex/1994/13 mins/EX
Sodom (GER)                    Venom cover/1987/1 tk/
Sodomized (USA)                Sodomize The Corpse/9-93/22 mins/EX
Soldier (UK)                   demo/1983/???/
Solemn (USA)                   Exiled/1993/9 tks/
Solemn (USA)                   Asaru Brethren/1995/???/
Solitude (USA)                 Sickness/1988/???/
Solitude (USA)                 Fall of Creation/1990/28 mins/EX
Sorath (USA)                   Sodomizing Jesus Christ/1993/10 tks/
Sorcerer (SWE)                 demo/1989/6 tks/
Sorhin (SWE)                   promo/1995/3 tks/
Sororicide (ICE)               Demo I/1993/???/
Soul Bleed (CAN-Nfld)          3rd Degree (Nfld) (Bassist now in Oberon)/19??/???/
Soultaker (CAN)                demo #1/1994/4 tks/
Spastic Children (USA)         rehearsal/1986/???/
Spastic Children (USA)         live: SF, CA (AUD)/06-21-86/50 mins/
Spastic Rats (USA)             Rodentia/198?/???/
Speed Demon (USA)              Chemical Dependency/1987/8 tks/
Staple Gun (USA)               demo #1/1993/12 mins/EX
Straight Ahead (USA)           Stand United/1986/10 mins/
Strappado (CAN)                Not Dead Yet/1991/35 mins/
Stygian (USA-IL)               Seconds Til Death/19??/31 mins/
Subjugator (USA)               demo/1990/???/
Subjugator (USA)               The Hatred Principle/1991/???/
Subversion (CAN)               Anima Divinia/19??/???/
Subversion (CAN-Que)           Anima Divina/1995/???/
Subzero (USA)                  promo/1993/???/
Succor Benoth (FRA)            Crawl!/1996/???/
Suffer Rage (CAN)              Carnage of the Possessed/1994/5 tks/
Sufferance (USA)               demo #1/19??/8 mins/EX
Surgical Dysfunctions (USA)    demo/1994/???/
Sweet Savage (UK)              studio tracks/198?/5 tks/
Sweet Savage (UK)              live (SB)/1981/30 mins/
Sweet Savage (UK)              live: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK/11-25-81/35 mins/
Sweet Savage (UK)              Channel One Rock Show, Ireland (TV)/1983/15 mins/
Sweet Savage (UK)              live: Marquee, London, UK/11-11-92/30 mins/
Symphony of Grief (USA)        Infernal Creation/1-93/11 mins/EX
Syrach (NOR)                   Helfred/1994/6 tks/
Tankard (GER)                  Alcoholic Metal/198?/???/
Tempo Tantrum (USA)            demo #1/1994/2 tks/
Tenebrae (CAN)                 rehearsal (DAT)/10-20-94/6 tks/
Tenebrae (CAN)                 Serenades of the Damned/11-94/7 tks/
Tenebrae (CAN)                 rehearsal (DAT)/02-04-96/2 tks/
Thanatos (HOL)                 My Speed Kills/1985/1 tk/
The 3rd and the Mortal (NOR)   live: Oslo, Nor/1994/1 tk/
The Answer (CAN)               ...The Visualight/1994/4 tks/
The Black (SWE)                Black Blood/1992/23 mins/EX
The Blood of Christ (CAN)      Frozen Dreams/1994/???/
The Blood of Christ (CAN)      The Lonely Flowers of Autumn/1995/4 tks/
The Brotherhood (USA)          Equilibrium/19??/4 tks/
The Coup de Grace (USA)        demo #1 & # 2/1989/25 mins/
The D-Minus Players (USA)      Fictitious Onslaught/1996/???/
The Game Hens (USA)            demo/1991/???/
Thornium (SWE)                 North Storms of the Bestial Goatsign/1994/3 tks/EX
Thornium (SWE)                 advance tracks for CD/1995/3 tks/
Thorns of the Carrion (USA)    The Willow Weeps For Me/19??/???/
Thorns of the Carrion (USA)    Darkness In The Elegy Season/19??/???/
Thorns of the Carrion (USA)    The Gardens' of Dead Winter/1993/40 mins/EX
Thou Art Lord (GRE)            The Cult of the Horned One/19??/3 tks/
Thou Art Lord (GRE)            promo CD tracks/1994/16 mins/EX
Throwback (USA)                Pain and Suffering/1996/???/
Thus Defiled (UK)              Blasphemous Coven/1993/4 tks/
Thus Defiled (UK)              Enchanted by the Dark One/1994/1 tk/
Thy (DEN)                      In Darkness Forgotten by Light/1992/???/
Thy Serpent (FIN)              demo/1995/4 tks/
Tiamat (SWE)                   1 Live Tk - Unreleased/19??/1 tk/
Tiamat (SWE)                   A Winter Shadow/1991/2 tks/
Timeghoul (USA)                Tumultuos Travelings/1992/4 tks/
Titan Force (USA)              demo 1988/1988/20 mins/
Tori Amos (USA)                live: Tampa Theatre, FL/8-3-94/16 tks/
Tormentor (HUN)                Seventh Day of Doom  #1/1987/7 tks/
Torture Krypt (USA)            Bestial Mutation/1-94/11 mins/EX
Tranquil Passing (USA)         Depression: A Failed Attempt at Life/1993/24 mins/EX
Transgressor (JAP)             demo #2/1990/???/
Trauma (USA)                   live: San Francisco, CA./04-30-82/???/
Treblinka (SWE)                Crawling In Vomits/1988/???/
Treblinka (SWE)                live: Ultrahuset, Stockholm, Sweden/11-20-88/20 mins/
Treblinka (SWE)                In The Sign Of The Pentagram/1989/???/
Treblinka (SWE)                rehearsal/01-03-89/10 mins/
Triangle Six of Death (JAP)    demo/1987/2 tks/
Triangle Six of Death (JAP)    666/1997/???/
Triple Six (CAN-Nfld)          In the Black  (Nfld)/19??/???/
Tuff Darts (USA)               demo/1985/???/
Twisted Sister (USA)           live: Detroits, Long Island, NY/5-14-80/90 mins/
Twitching Slab (USA)           demo/1992/???/
Tygers of Pan Tang (UK)        BBC In Concert (FM)/2-14-81/30 mins/
Tyrus (AUS)                    demo #3/1986/4 tks/
Tysondog (UK)                  live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland/1984/90 mins/
Ulysses Siren (USA)            demo/1986/???/
Uncreation (SPA)               some filler from Death To Humamity 3 MCD/199?/???/
Undertaker (USA)               Necrothievery/1994/4 tks/
Unearth (USA)                  Malformed Cranium/1994/5 tks/
Unholy (FIN)                   Trip to Depressiv Autumn/1992/23 mins/EX
Unholy Grave (JAP)             Death Comes From Nowhere/1994/???/
Unleashed (SWE)                The Utter Dark/1990/3 tks/
Unleashed (SWE)                live: Boston, MA/09-23-91/???/
Usurper (USA)                  Visions from the Gods/1994/4 tks/
Vader (POL)                    Live In Decay   Demo/rehearsal/1986/???/
Vader (POL)                    Necrolust/1989/3 tks/
Vader (POL)                    Morbid Reich/1990/23 mins/EX-
Vain (USA)                     Studio Track "Holdin On"/19??/5 mins/
Vain (USA)                     demo/1989/20 mins/
Vain (USA)                     demo/1991/20 mins/
Vampira (ROM)                  Vampira/1995/3 tks/
Vehemence (USA)                Good Shot! Gang Member Dies.../1-92/24 mins/EX
Vehement (CAN)                 Vehement/1997/???/
Venom (UK)                     demo/1980/2 tks/
Venom (UK)                     Angel Dust demo/1981/1 tk/
Venom (UK)                     At War With Satan/1982/15 mins/
Venom (UK)                     Bursting Out/1982/???/
Venom (UK)                     WMSC Interview 1983 w/Cronos & Abaddon/1983/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Aardschok, Dag Zwolle, Holland/02-11-84/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Hammersmith Odeon, London (VHS)/06-01-84/60 mins/
Venom (UK)                     live: Paris/09-02-84/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Hammersmith Odeon, London/1985/???/
Venom (UK)                     BBC Radio Hell Session/02-08-85/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Hell at Hammersmith, Hammersmith Odeon/08-10-85/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Santa Monica, CA/03-28-86/45 mins/
Venom (UK)                     live: The Ritz, New York/04-04-86/85 mins/
Venom (UK)                     BBC Radio Int./03-24-93/5 mins/
Venom (UK)                     Headbang live: Eindhoven, Holland (VHS)/05-25-96/???/
Venom (UK)                     live: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Neth. [SB-1st]/05-25-96/55 mins/
Vermin (SWE)                   demo #1/3-92/19 mins/EX
Vermin (SWE)                   Life Is Pain/10-92/14 mins/EX
Vernissage (GER)               One of the Lost/1995/???/
Victim (USA)                   demo/1985/???/
Vile (USA)                     live: 7th St. Entry, Mpls (AUD)/04-11-86/35 mins/
Vile (USA)                     demo/06-86/20 mins/
Vile (USA)                     live: 1st Ave, Mpls (AUD)/12-28-86/40 mins/
Vile (USA)                     live: Ryans, St. Paul, MN  (AUD)/02-14-87/60 mins/
Vio-lence (USA)                Demo/1986/25 mins/
Vio-lence (USA)                rehearsal/03-12-86/20 mins/
Vio-lence (USA)                demo/1989/20 mins/
Vio-lence (USA)                live: Omni, Oakland, CA/03-03-89/70 mins/
Violent Force (GER)            The Night demo #3/1986/4 tks/
Violently Ill (USA)            Hate Therapy/1996/???/
Viral Load (USA-TX)            demo 3 tks (TX)/1997/3 tks/
Visceral Tumor (SPA)           One Corpse Ain't Repair/1995/???/
Vision (CAN)                   Foursight/1994/4 tks/
Vital Remains (USA-RI)         Reduced To Ashes/1989/6 tks/
Vital Remains (USA)            Excruciating Pain/1990/25 mins/EX
Vital Remains (USA)            The Black Mass EP/1990/2 tks/
Vital Remains (USA)            live at The Marquee: Detroit, MI/07-22-93/4 tks/
Vlad Tepes (FRA)               War Funeral March/1994/5 tks/
Voi Vod (CAN)                  demo/1982/???/
Voi Vod (CAN)                  January/01-84/80 mins/
Voi Vod (CAN)                  Batman Outtake From Dimension Hattros/1987/???/
Voi Vod (CAN)                  unreleased studio track "Batman"/1988/1 tk/
Voi Vod (CAN)                  Batman studio track/1988/1 tk/
Void of Naxyr (ITA)            Catacomb Opera/1994/3 tks/
Voidd (JAP)                    Pain/8-92/19 mins/EX
Vomit (USA)                    Vomithrash/1986/3 tks/
Vomit (USA)                    demo/1986/???/
Vomitory (SWE)                 Through Sepulchral Shadows/1995/???/
Von (USA)                      Satanic Blood/1993/8 tks/
Vulpecula (USA)                Phoenix of the Creation/1995/3 tks/
War Pigs (JAP)                 demo/1989/2 tks/
Wargasm (USA)                  Your Dog's Teeth/1990/???/
Wargasm (USA)                  Gasm It/1991/???/
Wargod (USA)                   demo/1986/2 tks/
Warhammer (GER)                Towards the Chapter of Chaos/1997/???/
Warhammer (UK)                 demo/11-30-85/???/
Warhate (BRA)                  Thrash Invasion/1988/???/
Warning (USA)                  demo/1986/???/
Watchtower (USA)               demo/rehearsal/1985/15 mins/
Watchtower (USA)               live: Corpus Christi, TX/11-28-1985/80 mins/
Watchtower (USA)               interview w/ Jason/12-86/10 mins/
Watchtower (USA)               Cathrode Ray Window  Unreleased Track/1988/5 mins/
Watchtower (USA)               Instruments Of Random Murder/1993/20 mins/
Wehrmacht (USA)                Reel to Reel/10-19-85/???/
Wehrmacht (USA)                live: Pine St. Theater, Portland, OR [SB]/1-31-86/???/
White Pigs (USA)               demo/1985/???/
Wicked Innocence (USA)         live: Aztlan Theatre, Denver, CO/07-31-95/???/
Widow (UK)                     demo/1984/10 mins/
Will 'o' Wisp (ITA)            Nocturnal Whispers/1994/4 tks/
Windbreed (USA)                Into the Breed/1994/???/
Wintergods (GRE)               Seven Xul Verses/1994/2 tks/
Witch-Hunt (USA-VA)            Darkened Salvation/1995/4 tks/
Witchery (USA)                 promo/1997/???/
Witches (FRA)                  Wind of Time/5-93/24 mins/EX
Witches Hammer (USA)           demo #2/1987/6 tks/
Within (USA)                   The Unaccepted/1995/1 tk/
Wombbath (SWE)                 Brutal Mights/1992/???/
Wotan (GER)                    demo/1986/???/
Wreckage (USA)                 Experiment in Terror/1986/4 tks/
Xecutioner (USA)               rehearsal late 1987/1987/30 mins/
Xecutioner (USA)               rehearsal late 1987/1987/20 mins/
Xecutioner (USA)               rehearsal/1987/25 mins/
Xecutioner (USA)               live: Sunset Club, Tampa, FL/08-29-87/40 mins/
Xecutioner (USA)               live:Sunset Club, Tampa, FL/10-04-87/15 mins/
Yamatu (USA)                   Awakening of the Knights/1994/4 tks/
Yamatu (USA)                   unreleased promo tracks/2-95/3 tks/
Yamatu (USA)                   unreleased promo tracks/6-95/3 tks/
Yggdrasil (DEN)                promo track/1994/???/
Zombified Preachers of Gore (USA) - demo #1/1991/13 mins/EX
Zyklon-B (NOR)                 unmixed advance MCD/1995/4 tks/

Various Artists
And The Weak Shall Perish .. (USA)         1996/???
     Insatanity / Crucifier / Sapremia / Banishment /
     Morbid Entree / Ossuary / Adversary / Days of
     Lamenting / Inhumanity / Prototype:Infinity
Cold, Grey and Dead Volume I (UK)          19??/90 mins
     Beyond Fear / Cause+Effect / Condemned / Dark
     Heresy / December Moon / Desecration / Esoteric /
     Evoke / Head Wound / Hexecution / Lightning / Mind
     Field / Morbid Symphony / Putrefy / Salem justice
     / Serenade / Suffering / Terminus / Vomitorium
Cold, Grey and Dead Volume II (???)        1996/???
     Apathy / Avulsion / Blistering Anal Skin /
     Confusion Corporation / Crawlspace / Cruciferous /
     Dark Entity / Doomflight / Epitaph / Epitome /
     Exhumed / Hell / Mannix / Memorial / Morstice /
     Necropsy / Oscuro / Sanguinary / Thus Defiled /
     Unearthly / Waylander
Cold, Grey and Dead Volume III (???)       19??/???
     Adnauseam / Angelkill / Asafated / Blazemth /
     Candle Serenade / Charon / Damage / Dawn /
     Der-Untermensch / Downright Malice / Drawned In
     Tears / Forlorn / Harmony / Hellbound / Natron /
     Paganus Doctrina / Pollution / Withered Beauty /
     Withering Surface
Dark Unreality Chapter One (CAN)           19??/60 mins
     Disbelief (Ger) / Think Shit (Can) / Cremation
     (Can) / Corpus Delecti (US) / Cryptal Darkness
     (Austral) / Cultivateurs Contestataires (Can) /
     The Answer (Can) / Behemoth (Pol) / Deche-Charge
     (Can) / Immortal Possession (US) / Infestation
     (US) / Embryonic Death (US) / Grave (Swe)
Death's Revenge Comp. (???)                1997/60 mins
Diabolical Netherworld Vol. 2 (USA)        19??/90 mins
     Corpse Molestation / Funeral Winds / Zemial /
     Dungeon / Ancient / Pagan Rites / Gorgoroth /
     Vorphalack / Runemagic / Rancid Christ / Grand
     Belial's Key / Carpathian Forest / Opera IX / Thou
     Art Lord / Occult / Monumentum / Moonburn / Mayhem
Diabolical Netherworld Vol. 3 (USA)        19??/90 mins
     Primordial (Ire) / Opera IX (Ita) / Fiendish Nymph
     (Gre) / Ulver (Nor) / Beyond Dawn (Nor) / Whores
     of Babylon (Eng) / Order from Chaos (US) / Ras
     Algethi (Ita) / Einherjer (Nor) / December Wolves
     (US) / Agatus (Australia) / Sabbat (Jap) /
     Destroyer 666 (Australia) / Possessed (US)
Hate Music Compilation Volume 1 (USA)      1997/???
     Sepsism / Twitching Slab / Hemdale / Corpsevomit /
     Insatanity / Dropping the Messiah / Descend /
     Molested Senses / Crematorian / Infant Skull /
     Sodomized / Sloth / Malicious Intent / Deteriorate
     / Living Impaired / Decrepit / Mortal Decay /
     Dethroned Lord / Excruciating Pain / Regurgitation
     / Saints of Pain
Hate Music Compilation Volume 2 (???)      1997/???
     Fleshgrind / Deeds of Flesh / Immortal Suffering /
     Doom Formation / Masticated Entrails / Dying Fetus
     / Deaden / Solem / Detestation / Putrefaction /
     Maggot Infested Corpse / Dismembered Fetus /
     Shrouded Deity / Deathkids / Eroticide / Symphony
     of Grief / December Wolves / Avernus / In Articulo
In the Name of Satan - Venom Tribute (???) - 19??/???
     Kreator, Paradise Lost, Nuclear Assault,
     Candlemass, etc
Inhuman Deformity Vol. 1 (USA)             19??/90 mins
     all US bands: Necrosys / Slough / Demonic Christ /
     Sodomized / Afterbirth / Excrescent / Engorged /
     Tyrant Trooper / Amerced / Internal Bleeding /
     Gutted Pulp / Dying Fetus / Horror of Horrors /
     Decrepit / Drogheda / Debauchery / Mindstorm /
     Lethal Compulsion / Exterminance / Nocturnal Soul
Kingdom of Darkness Vol. 1 (USA)           19??/60 mins
     Drowned / Nocturnal Soul / Lord Mortis / Accursed
     / Malignity / Gory Blister / Symphony of Grief /
     Vermin / Ossuary / Salem / Mass Psychosis /
Kingdom of Darkness Vol. 2 (USA)           19??/60 mins
     Calvary / Necromass / Vomitory / Mindstorm /
     Effigy / Disfigurement / Estuary of Calamity /
     Gorgon / Demonic Christ / Opera IX / Bifrost /
Massacres from the Jungle (MEX)            19??/30 mins
     With Central American bands: Krueger / Sanctum
     Regnum / Pseudostratified Epithelium / Enslaver /
     Medium / Metal Doom / Psy-War / Cenotaph
Morbid Revelations (BUL)                   19??/60 mins
     split with Bulgarian bands: Scapegoat /
     Incarnation / Powerdrive
Mortality Rate Vol. 2 (BUL)                1995/90 mins
     Groinchurn (SAF) / Dysentery (Bul) / The
     Endoparasites (Bra) / Conscious Rot (Lit) /
     M.A.V.O. (Bul) / Ton (US) / Mortality (Bul) / Thy
     Serpent (Fin) / Halifax Gibbot (US) / Desolate
     (US) / Beyond Redemption (Ita) / Zveroviden
     Humanoid (Bul) / Excreted Alive (Spa) / Ossuary
     (Lit) / Victimized (Pol) / Moonburn (US) /
     Infestation (US/MA)
Natas Vol 1 (USA)                          19??/19 tks
     Rottrevore / Morbid Angel / Ripping Corpse /
     Zombified Preachers of Gore / Embryonic Death /
     Order From Chaos / Carnal Dissection / Necrophobic
     / Rotting Christ / Pyogenesis / Immortal Fate /
     Morpheus Descends / Nightfall / Nunslaughter /
     Severance / Impaled Nazarene / Terata / Witchery
Natas Vol 2 (USA)                          19??/90 mins
     Genital Grinder / Grand Belial's Key / Lord Mortis
     / Dislocation / Eviserate / Tyrant Trooper /
     Emperor / Suffer / Sado Massakist / Sectorian /
     Irreverant / Mass Psychosis / Marduk / Dark Opera
     / Disbowelment / Azathoth / Organic Infest /
     Sarcoom / Chapel Of Rest
Orchestrations for the Damned (USA)        1994/60 mins
     Mangled (Hol) / Buried Beneath (US) / Avernus (US)
     / Gorgon (Fra) / Tristitia (Swe) / Ancient (Nor) /
     Ever Dark (US) / Orphaned Land (Isr) / As Sahar
     (Sing) / Opera IX (Ita) / Denial of God (Den)
Paranormal Apparition Chapter 2 (CAN)      1996/90 mins
     Tenebrae (Can) / Cryptal Darkness (Austral) /
     Rotting (Can) / Witch-Hunt (US) / Immortal
     Possession (Can) / Estuary of Calamity (US) /
     Sclerosis (Can) / Satanclaus Holocaust (Can) /
     Crimson Moon (US) / Destruction (Ger) / Obscene
     Crisis (Can) / Thirst (Pol) / Hellbound (US) / Quo
     Vadis (Can) / Autopsia Mortal (PR) / Thy Serpent
     (Fin) / Middenheim (Can) / Morbid Angel (US)
Premonition Vol. 2 (SWE)                   19??/60 mins
     Deranged / Sickness / Necrobiosis / Vermin /
     Desecrate / Infernal Gates / Lake of Tears /
     Morstice / Apostasy / Decortication / Golem /
     Dispatched / Nezgaroth / Vermin
Rotted Head Sampler (USA)                  1993-95/35 mins
     Godsodomy / Misery Nest / Torture Krypt / Vomit
     Spawn / Clotted Symmetrical Sexual Organ /
     Catasexual Urge Motivation
Slatanic Slaughter - Slayer Tribute (???)  19??/???

Sylphorium (*UNK*)                         1995/13 tks
     Blood Covered (Gre) / Involuntary Carnage (Ger) /
     Orphaned land (Isr) / Avulsed (Spa) / Malphas
     (Fra) / Substance For God (Isr) / Decoryah (Fin) /
     Bestial Wrath (Gre) / Homicide (Ita) / Gallileous
     (Pol) / Pseudologia Fantastica (Bel)
Teach your Soul With Fire III (???)        19??/???
     Tyrant / Songe D'Enfer / Celtic Dance / Langsuyr /
     In Tha Umbra / Handful of Hate / Hoth / Moonblood
     / Funeral Moon / Sorath / Prophecy / In Darkness /
     Vornat / Grimoire / Infernal Dreams / Kawir /
     Blood Quest
The Black Market Meat Vendors Vol. 1 (USA) - 19??/90 mins
     Gutted Pulp / Solemn / Sickness / Gore Beyond
     Necropsy / Dying Fetus / Horror / Mass Psychosis /
     Vomit Spawn / Slough / Mortal Decay / Cephalic
     Carnage / Corpse Molestation / Tranquil Passing /
     Judecca / Sarcophagus / Disgust / Internal
     Bleeding / Euthanasia / Torture Krypt / Grotesque
     Infection / Vermin / Clotted Symmetrical Sexual
     Organ /  Pseudostratified Epithelium / Excrescent
The Metal Cage: Volume 1 (USA)             19??/90 mins
     Sororicide / Deteriorate / Entasis / Bleed /
     Necrosanct / Dethroned / Disincarnate / Necropsy /
     Malevolent Creation / Leukemia / Brutality /
     Organic Infest / Mayhem / Oppressor / Purialence /
     Nokturnal / Necropsy / Pyrexia / Hypocrisy /
     Torture / Necrosanct / Ashuary / Celestial Season
The Metal Cage: Volume 2 (USA)             19??/100 mins
     Dispatched / Deathcult / Cryptopsy / Hypocrisy /
     Necropsy / Tranquill Passing / Krypt Of Kerbarose
     / At The Gates / Disharmony / Cryptic Tales /
     Acheron / Emperor / Inferior / Exidium / Nokturnal
     / Torture / Pungent Stench / Necropsy /
     Deteriorate / Emperor / Deteriorot / Deathcult /
     Ill Disposed / Disfigured Corpse / Transgressor
The Metal Cage: Volume 3 (USA)             19??/100 mins
     Tenabre / Pyrexia / Tranquill Passing / Hypocrisy
     / Krypt Of Kerbarose / Phebotomized / Embryonic
     Death / Malediction / At The Gates / Marduk /
     Mystifier / Celestial Season / Desolation /
     Necrcony / Lobotomy / Krypt Of Kerbarose / Marduk
     / Pan-thy-monium / Emperor
The Metal Cage: Volume 4 (USA)             19??/100 mins
     Fleshold / Mercyless / Desolate / Hypocrisy /
     Pyrexia / Krypt Of Kerbarose / Torturer / Sinister
     / Deathcult / Mordicus / Marduk / Necrolust /
     Fester / Morphius / Ghost / Marduk / Deteriorot /
     Celestial Season / Gorephobia / Gorefest /
     Internal Bleeding / Mythic
Total Holocaust Volume II (???)            19??/???
     Inquisitor / Cyanosis / Harmonic Pain / Absolute
     Disorder / Unearth / Sanctorum / Dislocation /
     Nugatory / Eviternity / Dawn / Angelkill /
     Betrayer / Brain Fade / Enrage / Forsaken Path /
     Marauder / MD Flush
Total Holocaust Volume III (???)           19??/???
     Discrucior / Hastur / Malediction / Sick Excuse /
     Fleshgrind / Involuntary Carnage / Detestor /
     Immured / Dehydrated / Anthropomancy / Loonatikk /
     Intestine Baalism / Worm / Torture Krypt /
     Overlord / Exhauster / Seer Tears / Still Heaven
Total Holocaust Volume IV (GRE)            19??/???
     In Torment (Spa) / Forgotten Silence (Cze) /
     Scattered Remnants (US) / Esoteric (UK) / Foul
     Stench (US) / Carrion Of Torrent (Pol) / Rotting
     Flesh (??) / Travail (US) / Decay (US) / Path Of
     Debris (Ger) / Witch-Hunt (US) / Unsilence (UK) /
     Epitaph (UK) / Ministry Of Terror (Hol) / Salem
     Justice (UK)
Undead Productions comp. vol. II (???)     19??/???
     Nephilim / Blood Storm / Abazagorath / Ghoul /
     Epoch of Unlight / Puritas Virginum / Pazuzu /
     Pantheon / Drohm / Corpus Delecti / Lamentation /
     Lethal Prayer / Aurora Borealis / Profanum /
     Epitaph / Seth
Unholy Blood Vol. 1 (USA)                  19??/90 mins
     Beherit / Graveland / Unpure / The Black / Funeral
     Winds / In The Woods / Grand Belial's Key / Black
     Funeral / Gorgoroth / Agatus / Emporer / Occult /
     Hades / Darkness Enshroud / Manes / Behemoth /
Venezuelan sampler (VEN)                   19??/90 mins
     Noxious / Stratuz / Krueger / Xtremauncion /
     Sarcom / Necropsia / Gillman / Laberinto

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