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Updates through Febuary 25, 1998

Absu (USA) live Zeche Carl, Essen, Germ. 4/26/95 Absu (USA) "The Gold Torques of Ulaid" advanced film track 1997 Absu (USA) "Transylvania" from Iron Maiden tribute 1997 Aggression (Can) "The Full Treatment" LP/Dub 1987 Angel Witch (UK) BBC Radio Session 14/3/80 10 M Angel Witch (UK) live: Norbreck Castle, Blackpool 29/1/81 55 M Angel Witch (UK) live: Woolwich Tramshed, London 8/8/85 35 M Angel Witch (UK) live: Dynamo, Eindhoven 30/11/86 65 M Angel Witch (UK) live: Walthamstow Royal Standard, London 26/12/87 40 M Angel Witch (UK) live: Stone, San Francisco 18/3/89 50 M Anvil (Can) "Worth the Weight" LP/Dub (Canada A&M, 1991) Anvil (Can) "Absolutely No Alternative" CD/Dub (Massacre, 1997) At War (USA) live: Detroit, MI 17/01/87 Atomkraft (UK) live: Dynamo Open Air Festival 8/6/87 [FM] 10 M Atomkraft (UK) live: Hammersmith Odeon, London 20/6/87 [FM] 25 M Autopsy (USA) "Shitfun" CD/Dub 1995 Bewitched (Swe) "Pentagram Prayer" CD/Dub (Osmose, 1997) Beyond (Can) "Quantum Bummer" CD/Dub 1990 (Epidemic/Canada) Black Diamond (USA) "Black Diamond" LP/Dub 1985 Black Pentecost (USA) "Funeral Winds in Paradise" demo 1997 Blasphemous (Swe) "Rehearsal 19/05/97" Blind Fury (UK) "Out Of Reach" LP/Dub 1985 (UK1, ex-Satan) Blind Fury (UK) BBC Radio Session 31/5/85 (UK1, ex-Satan) 15 M Blind Fury (UK) demo 1983 (UK2, W/ KEVIN HEYBOURNE) 10 M Blind Illusion (USA) "Blood Shower" demo 1986 Blind Illusion (USA) demo #3 1986 Blind Illusion (USA) demo 1988 Bulldozer (ITA) "The Final Seperation" LP/Dub 1986 Cathedral (UK) "In Memorium" demo #1 1990 30 M Chiro Therium (Den) "First Chapter" demo 1991 D.V.C. (USA) "Constrictus Mortis" demo 1989 30 M Dark Angel (USA) live Reseda, CA 19/09/85 Dark Angel (USA) live: Channel One, Baltimore 7/2/87 50 M Dark Angel (USA) live: Third Wave, San Antonio, TX 24/7/87 30 min EX [SB] without Don Doty Dark Angel (USA) live: The Ritz Theatre, Austin, TX 25/7/87 60 min EX- Dark Angel (USA) live: Zaal Sint Martinus, Oordegem, Bel. 26/10/89 40 min EX [SB] w/ Lilker on bass Dawn (Swe) demo 1992 Deceased (USA) 2 tks for Mercyful Fate tribute Deep Machine (UK) live: Green Gate, Ilford 1981 80 M Deep Machine (UK) live: Marquee, London 2/11/81 (w/Kevin Heybourne) 45 M Deep Machine (UK) live: Greyhound, Chadwell Heath 26/4/81 70 M Demigod (Fin) promo 1994 Dissection (Swe) "Storm of the Lights Bane" CD/Dub (Nuclear Blast, 1996) Exumer (Ger) "Possessed By Fire" CD/Dub (Disaster, 1986?) Exxplorer (USA) "A Recipe for Power" CD/Dub (Massacre, 1994) FCDN Tormentor (USA) rehearsal 6/85 10 min VG+ From the Depths (USA) promo 1997 FCDN Tormentor (USA) rehearsal 5/87 10 min EX- Genocidio (Bra) "The Grave" MLP/Dub 1988 Goreaphobia (USA) demo #3 un-released (NO TRADE) Graven Image (USA) 12" EP/Dub 1987 Hammer Witch (USA) "Return To Salem" MLP/Dub 1988 (TX) Hammerfall (Swe) "Glory/Brave" CD/Dub Helstar (USA) "Nosferatu" CD/Dub (Metal Blade, 1989) Imprecation (USA) "Ceremony of the Nine Angels" demo Infernal Death (USA) "Incantations of the Gates" demo 1989 Infernal Majesty (Can) live: Blondie's, Detroit, MI 9/14/88 Infernal Majesty (CAN) LIVE; Kiehool, Bergum, Hol. 9/6/97 Infern” (Nor) "Massacre in Hell" demo 1995 Infern” (Nor) live "Baroeg", Rotterdam, Holland 05/04/97 Insaniac (USA) "Psychomania" demo 1987 26 mins. (NJ) Insanity (USA) live: Ruthies Inn,Berkeley,CA 30/5/86 40 min EX- Joe DeZuniga's last gig, R.I.P. Kratos (USA) "Iron Beast" MLP/Dub 1985 (OH) Kvikksolvguttene (Nor) "Gamlem" CD/Dub (Head Not Found, 1996) Lethal Presence (Can) "Unholy Alliance" demo 1986 Lucifer's Heritage (Ger) "Battalions of Fear" demo #2 1987 Luciferion (Swe) "Demonication" CD/Dub Maninnya Blade (Swe) "Incubus" demo 1987 Mercenary (USA) demo 1986 Merciless Sin (USA) demo 1986 Messiah (Swi) live Zug, Switzerland 13/03/86 Messiah Death (Jap) "Immortal Kingdom" demo 1988 Metallica (USA) "Harvester of Sorrow" EP/Dub (Vertigo, 1988) Minotaur (Ger) "The Slaughter Continues" demo #2 1986 Morbid Angel (USA) "Welcome to Hell" demo 1985 Morbid Angel (USA) demo 1986 Morbid Angel (USA) live 1986 2 tks feat. Richard Brunelle on vocs. Morbid Angel (USA) "Thy Kingdom Come" demo 1987 Morbid Angel (USA) live Soundboard, North Carolina 1987 Namtaru (USA) "Plagues of Namtar" demo 1997 Natas (USA) "Infernal Damnation" demo 1986 Necromancy (Gre) "Visions of Lunacy" demo 1989 Necrophagia (USA) "It Began With a Twisted Dream" demo 1986 Num Skull (USA) "Nums The Word" demo 1986 34 mins. (IL) October 31st (USA) "Voyage to Infinity" demo 1996 Onslaught (UK) rehearsal 1984 15 mins. Order From Chaos (USA) "An Ending in Fire" adv. tks 1995 Order From Chaos (USA) "Dawn Bringer" CD/Dub 1995 Pentacle (Hol) "The Fifth Moon" CD/Dub (Displeased, 1997) Perverseraph (USA) "Savage Messiah" demo 1997 Powerlord (USA) "The Awakening" MLP/Dub 1986 (OK) Protector (Ger) "Misanthropy" MLP/Dub 1987 Razor (Can) live: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, ONT 10/5/85 40 min EX(SB) Sabbat (Jap) "Live 666 - Japanese Harmageddon" LP/Dub 1996 Sabbat (Jap) "Scandinavian Harmageddon" 7"/Dub 1997 Sabbat (Jap) "West European Harmageddon" 7"/Dub 1997 Sabnack (USA) "Quench Thy Thirst for Hatred" demo 1997 Slaughter Lord (Aus) rehearsal/demo 1986 Slaughter Lord (Aus) live Melbourne, Australia 18/04/87 Stentorian (Hol) "Gentle Push to Paradise" CD/Dub (Displeased, 1997) Stygian (USA) "Seconds Til Death" demo 198? 31 mins. Turbo (UK) "Charged for Glory" 7" EP/Dub 1982 10 M Turbo (UK) "Stallion" 7" EP/Dub 1980 10 M Vortex (HOL) "Open The Gate" LP/Dub 1986 Vulcano (Bra) "Bloody Vengeance" LP/Dub 1986 Warhammer (Ger) "Towards the Chapter of Chaos" demo 1997 Warrior Soul (USA) "Fucker" CD/Dub 1996 Watchtower (USA) live: Corpus Christi, TX 28/11/85 80 min EX- Watchtower (USA) Interview w/ Jason Dec86 10 min White Spirit (UK) "White Spirit" LP/Dub (MCA, 1980) Witchery (USA) promo 1997


Black Sabbath (UK) "Paranoid" 1971 (replacement of missing one)


Bitch (USA) Damnation Alley / Be My Slave 1982/83 1989 Carnivore (USA) Carnivore/Retaliation 1986/87 2in1CD 1991 re-release Celtic Frost (Swi) Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return 1984/85 Def Leppard (UK) On Through the Night 1980 Hallows Eve (USA) Tales of Terror 1985 1994 re-release Judas Priest (UK) British Steel 1980 Judas Priest (UK) Point of Entry 1981 Judas Priest (UK) Jugulator 1997 Metal Church (USA) Hanging in the Balance 1993 Over Kill (USA) The Killing Kind 1996 Over Kill (USA) From the Underground and Below 1997 Running Wild (Ger) Gates To Purgatory 1984 1988 re-release Running Wild (Ger) Branded and Exiled 1985 1996 re-release Running Wild (Ger) Masquerade 1995 Various Artists Foundations Forum sampler - F4 Mar93 (Anthrax host) Various Artists Foundations Forum sampler - F6 Aug93 (Scorpions host) Various Artists Grind Crusher (Earache sampler)



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