CD / Vinyl / Cassette / Dub List

Updates through August 13, 1997

A MIND CONFUSED OUT OF CHAOS SPAWN (SWE) 7"x 96 10 A MIND CONFUSED POEMS OF A DARKER SOUL (SWE) CASS-EPx 95 30 ABYSSIC HATE CLEANSING OF AN ANCIENT RACE (AUS) DEMOx 94 30 ADRENALIN demo '96 DEMO 1996 (CAN) ALTAR ...and god created satan to blame for his mistakes DEMO 1992 (HOL) AN EROTIC FUNERAL HAVOHEJ ESLAF EHT (CAN) DEMOx 94 10 ANGEL CORPSE GOATS OF AZAZAEL (USA) DEMO 96 15 ANGEL CORPSE REHEARSAL TRACK '96 (USA) REH 96 5 ANGEL DUST Into the Dark Past LP/Dub 1986 (Ger) ANGEL GOAT REH 19:5:90 5 M (SWE) ANVIL BITCH Empire Rock Club Phila. 1/23/86(AUD) 45 min A- (USA) ARGHOSLENT "Arsenal of Glory" demo 04/20/96(USA) Original ARKHAM obscurs et éternels DEMO 1996 (FRA) ASPHYX EMBRACE THE DEATH [FIRST ALBUM RECORDED '90] (GER) Dub-CD 96 55 INCLUDING 7" '90 AT THE GATES slaughter of the soul CD C/O (SWE) AT WAR NEW YORK, NEW YORK (USA) 04/15/88 (USA) LIVE 88 25 ATHEIST hell hath no fury DEMO 1987 (USA) ATROCITY mangled DEMO 1988 (USA) AVULSION s/t 94 (USA) BETHZAIDA NINE WORLDS-1995 DEMO CASS 95 6 TRACKS (NOR) BEWITCHED Diabolical Desecration CD/Dub 1996 (Swe) BEWITCHED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EVIL (SWE) Dub-MCD 96 25 BEWITCHED Encyclopedia of Evil MCD/Dub 1996 (Swe) BEYOND DEATH a slice of death DEMO 1988 (USA) BLACK SABBATH live 1975 (3 songs) supergroups b'cast FM 20 min A+ (UK) BLACK SHEPHERD UNITED EVIL FORCES (BEL) DEMO 86 15 BOLT THROWER Bonus tks from "Warmaster" and "Realm of Chaos" (UK) BRUTAL TRUTH "Kill Trend Suicide" MCD/Dub 1996 (USA) BRUTAL TRUTH ILL NEGLECT 7"" 92 MOSH 80 U.K. 5 TRACKS (USA) BRUTAL TRUTH MACHINE PARTS+4 7" 95 DEF AMERICAN LABEL 5 TRACKS (USA) BRUTAL TRUTH/SPAZZ SPLIT 7" 96 (USA) BUFFALO IN THE FLESH DEMO 82 20 M (UK) CARNIVORE L'amour 9/27/84 (SB) 45 min A (USA) CARNIVORE New Jersey 8/31/84 (SB) 40 min A (USA) CASTLE BLACK demo '85 5 min A (USA) CATHOLICON "Passage Through the Flames" demo #4 1996 (USA) CELTIC FROST "Fairy Tales" BootLP/Dub 1987 (Swi) CELTIC FROST "The Celtic Frost Story" 12" picdisc/Dub 1990 (Swi) CELTIC FROST eclipse the mourning sun PROMO 1987 (SWI) CELTIC MOON my illusion of an eternal winter DEMO 1996 (GER) CEMENT HEAD EXISTS CASS 92 6 TRACKS (USA) CHORUS OF RUIN LAST DANCE split MCD w/ SORORICIDE (ENG) MCD 94 10 CHRIST DENIED "Thy Horned God" demo 09/94 (Spa) Original CHRIST DENIED THY HORNED GOD-1994 DEMO CASS 94 5 TRACKS (SPA) CIRITH UNGOL LIVE 7" OLD METAL RECORDS (USA) COLD MOURNING BOGGY CREEK/FROST BIT CASS 96 LIMITED PURPLE CASSETTE (USA) COLD MOURNING LOOKING FORWARD TO REASON-1995 DEMO CASS 95 4 TRACKS (USA) CONFESSOR collapse DEMO 1990 (USA) COPROFAGIA "Sade's Inheritance" demo 1994 (Mex) Original COUNT DE NOCTE nos omnes una manet DEMO 1995 (FIN) CRADLE OF FILTH unreleased studio track (UK) CREMATORIAN live rehearsal 96 (USA) CUT THE MEAT 1st Ave Mpls 2/21/87 AUD 60 min A (USA) D.R.I. DEMO #2 1984 (USA) D.R.I. DEMO #3 1984 (USA) DARK ANGEL "We Have Arrived"Demo 6-84 35 min EX (USA) (w/Jack Schwartz) DARK ANGEL Demo 1983 20 min EX (USA) (w/Mike Andrade) DARK ANGEL Demo 1984 20 min EX (USA) DARK ANGEL Troubadour,Hollywood,CA 17-10-83 15 min EX- (USA) DARK THRONE "Total Death" CD/Dub 199? (Nor) DEADBOLT s/t 95 (USA) DEADEN feast on the flesh of the dead (USA) DEATH RIPPER ESKILSTUNA (SWEDEN) 08/16/86 (SWE) LIVE 86 10 DEATH ROW "Satan's Gift" LP/Dub 1986 (Ger) DEATH SS HORROR MUSIC - THE BEST OF DEATH SS (ITA) Dub-LP 96 100 DEMENTIA "Maniacal" demo 1997 (USA) Original DESOLATION ANGELS VALHALLA 7" EP 84 10 M (UK) DIAMOND HEAD DIAMOND LIGHTS Dub-EP (UK) DIAMOND HEAD LIGHTNING TO THE NATIONS Dub-LP (UK) DIAMOND HEAD live: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK 28Jun81 (UK) DOMINUS parable of death DEMO 1992 (USA) DOOM FORMATION definition of evil demo (USA) DOOMSAYER EMBRACED BY DARKNESS-1996 DEMO CASS 96 6 TRACKS (USA) DYING FETUS soundcheck DAT 29/11/96 (USA) EARTH 1969 REHEARSALS CASS 69 [PRE-BLACK SABBATH (UK) EINHERJER Dragons of the North CD/Dub 1996 (Nor) EMBALMER INTO THE OVEN-1991 DEMO CASS 91 5 TRACKS (USA) ENDOPARASITES life theatre 94 (USA) ENSLAVED MILWAUKEE METALFEST 29:7:95 25 M (NOR) EROTICIDE demo 96 (USA) EXCEED "The Blood Is On Your Hands" demo 1997 (USA) Original MA EXCRUCIATING PAIN s/t 94 (USA) EXHAUST "Licentious Populace" demo 1995 (USA) Original EXIT 13 split MCD w/ Hemdale Dub 1996 (USA) EXIT 13//MULTIPLEX SPLIT 7"EP 1996 (USA/JAP) EXPOZER EXPOSED AT LAST 7" EP 80 5 M (UK) FATAL FORCE Brains on the Halfshell (demo) 1990 (USA) Original FIELDS OF THE FILTHY REHEARSAL 1996 (ICE) REH 96 15 FLOATING FISH 96 (USA) FORBIDDEN EVIL "As Good As Dead"Demo 1987 5 min EX- (USA) (w/Rob Flynn) FORBIDDEN EVIL "Chalice Of Blood"Demo 7-7-87 15 min EX(w/Glen Alvaleis) (USA) FORBIDDEN EVIL "Endless Slaughter"Demo/rehearsal 7-5-86 15 min EX (USA) FORCE 12" CASS 81 4 TRACKS (USA) FORCE EP/Dub 199? (USA) FORCE UNTITLED LP CASS 10 TRACKS (USA) FROZEN SHADOWS empires de glace DEMO 1996 (QUE) FUNERAL NATION THE BENEDICTION (USA) DEMO 92 25 GOAT OF MENDES vanishing of the northern moon DEMO 1995 (USA) GORTICIAN rehearsals 13Apr97 (USA) GRIDLOCK s/t 95 (USA) GRINDER Damned and Determined (demo) 1988 (USA) Original HANDSOME BEASTS 'ALL RIOT NOW' 7" EP 80 10 M (UK) HANDSOME BEASTS 'BREAKER' 7" EP 81 5 M (UK) HARUSPEX s/t 95 (USA) HAVOHEJ unholy darkness and impurity 7"EP 1996 (USA) HELLHAMMER "Death Fiend"Demo 7-83 55 min EX (SWI) HELLHAMMER "Triumph Of Death"Demo 10 & 11-6-83 45 min EX (Swi) (ex-MOONHEAD & HAMMERHEAD) HEMDALE split MCD w/ Exit 13 Dub 1996 (USA) HIGHWAY CHILE Hilversum Holland 1/13/84 FM 30 min A (HOL) HUMAN REMAINS road to ruins DEMO 1991 (USA) IMMORTAL FATE 1992 DEMO CASS 92 ROUGH MIX-5 TRACKS (USA) [1 IS LIVE 1-17-92] IMPALER "Daddy Raw" demo '92 20 min A (USA) IMPIOUS let there be darkness DEMO 1995 (SWE) INCANTATION MILWAUKEE METALFEST 29:7:95 15 M (USA) INCANTATION promo '96 (USA) INCUBUS "Serpent Temptation" CD/Dub 1988 (USA) INCUBUS demo 4-87 15 mins EX (USA) ex-MA and Terror INFANT SKULL rough demos for "Bleeding Away the Pain" 97 (USA) INFECTED dead paradise DEMO 1995 (BRA) INFERNAL MAJESTY "Nigrescent Migration" demo 1989 (Can) INFERN™ ADVANCE TRACK COMP 7" - HEADBANGERS AGAINST DISCO VOL. I (NOR) ADV 7" 96 5 INFERN™ ADVANCE TRACK COMP CD (NOR) ADV CD 96 5 INFERN™ DISCOWIMPMANGLING REHEARSAL 02/25/96 (NOR) REH 96 5 INFERN™ REHEARSAL TRACK 1992 (NOR) REH 92 5 INNOCENT BLOOD demo 2 '96 (FRA) INSANITY Demo 1989 30 min EX (USA) INTHRONED nihilistic delusions PROMO TAPE 1995 (USA) INTHRONED nihilistic delusions 95 (USA) INVERTED empire of darkness 7"EP 1995 (SWE) JAGUAR AMERSFOORT 28:11:81 EX 40 M (UK) JUDAS PRIEST "Sad Wings of Destiny" tour 1975 FM 60 min A (UK) KATAKLYSM "Temple of Knowledge" CD/Dub 1996 (Can) KATAKLYSM MILWAUKEE METALFEST 29:7:95 25 M (CAN) KIDD WIKKID Demo #1, 1986 2 trx 15 min (Sebastian Bach's(Skid Row) first band) (CAN) KOHORT christian masquerade DEMO 1995 (POL) KREATOR 1st Ave Mpls 5/19/85 (AUD) 45 min A- (GER) KREATOR HM Battle W.Germany 2/1/86 [AUD] 40 min A- (GER) KRUEL HEARITAGE the hunt 1996 (USA) LEGEND HIDE AWAY 7" EP 81 (UK) 10 M LIMBONIC ART PROMO REH. '96 (NOR) PROMO 96 30 LUCIFER'S HAMMER "Hymns to the Moon - Chapter 1" demo 199? (USA) Original LUCIFERION DEMO 94 15 M MACABRE "Live in Hell" live/demo 1987 15 mins EX (USA) MAGGOT INFESTED CORPSE the bloody mess sessions 95-96 (USA) MALFEITOR DEMO '87 (USA) DEMO 87 15 MALICIOUS INTENT s/t 96 (USA) MARDUK Glorification MCD/Dub 1996 (Swe) MASTER Unreleased EP 1985 (rough mix) 25 mins EX (USA) MASTER live Volumes, Inc. Steger, IL 13-8-89 35 mins EX- (USA) reform. w/ orig. lineup MASTER rehearsal 8-85 25 mins EX-- (USA) MEADOW IN SILENCE meadow in silence DEMO 1995 (SWE) MEGA SLAUGHTER CALLS FROM THE BEYOND (SWE) LPx 91 15 MEGA SLAUGHTER DEATH REMAINS (SWE) DEMO 89 20 MELODIC HOLOCAUST deterioration 95 (USA) MENDES PREY MARQUEE, LONDON 13:2:83 40 M (UK) MIDDENHEIM rehearsal DAT 9Apr97 (QUE) MOLESTED SENSES MOLESTED SENSES-1995 DEMO CASS 95 5 TRACKS (USA) MOLESTED SENSES demo 1995 (USA) Original MOLESTED SENSES s/t 95 (USA) MORGUE 'SEVERE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY' DEMO 92 25 M (USA) MORTAL SIN "Mayhemic Destruction" LP/Dub 198? (Aus) MORTAR Conquering Armies (demo) 198? (USA) Original MORTHONA "... where all dividing lines become a blur" demo 07/31/96 (USA) Original MORTIFY skuggeriket DEMO 1995 (NOR) MUGGER satans girl 95 (USA) MUTANT SPEED 1992 DEMO CASS 92 3 TRACKS (USA) NAPALM DEATH misc. unreleased tks (UK) NASTY SAVAGE rehearsal 1985 60 min A- (USA) NECRODEATH INTO THE MACABRE (ITA) Dub-LP 86 35 NECROLOGY "Physical Decay" demo 03/19/95(USA) Original NECROPHAGIA REH 2:86 5 M (USA) NECROPHAGIA REH 86 5 M (USA) NECROVORE Demo/rehearsal 3-87 15 min EX (USA) NEUROPATH desert of excruciation DEMO 1996 (AUS) NIHILIST DROWNED 7" 89 (SWE) NIHILIST RADIATION SICKNESS 7" (USA) NOMICON demo 96 (USA) NUCLEAR DEATH bride of insect demo (USA) OBSESSION live Cheers, Long Island, NY 28-1-84 60 mins EX- (USA) OBSTINATION "Double Dose of Doom" split w/ Rat Salad CD/Dub 199? (USA) OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT out of the crypts DEMO 1995 (NOR) OCCULT bloodthirsty DEMO 1986 (USA) ODIUM s/t 94 (USA) ORPHANAGE druid DEMO 1993 (HOL) OVERCAST "Begging for Indifference" 7"/Dub 199? (USA) PAGAN WINDS demo #1 1996 (USA) PAN-THY-MONIUM ‘DRAEM II' MCD 95 20 M (SWE) PHLEGM MASTERPIECE OF MUTILATION CASS 91 (USA) PITCH SHIFTER PLANET X, LIVERPOOL 14:12:91 40 M (UK) PITCH SHIFTER SOUNDCHECK:LIVERPOOL 14:12:91 2 M (UK) PLEURISY "Degenerated to A Human Life" demo 03/95 (Hol) Original POISON "Awakening of the Dead" demo 29-3-86 40 mins EX (Ger) POISON "Bestial Death" demo 27 & 28-10-85 25 mins EX (Ger) POISON "Into the Abyss" demo 20 & 21-12-86 30 mins EX (Ger) POLYGLOT pierced for transgretion 95 (USA) POLYGLOT spent 94 (USA) POSSESSED demo #2 1993 (USA) POSSESSION "Scourge and Fire" MCD/Dub (USA) PROTECTOR MISANTHROPY (GER) Dub-MLP 87 25 PROTECTOR PROTECTOR OF DEATH (GER) DEMO 86 10 COMPLETE! R.U. DEAD "Individual Horror" demo 1991 15 mins EX (Ger) R.U. DEAD "Simply Dead" demo 2-90 30 mins EX (Ger) RAT SALAD "Double Dose of Doom" split w/ Obstination CD/Dub 199? (USA) RAT SALAD CASS 5 TRACKS (USA) RAVAGE "On They Slay" demo 12-86 15 mins EX (USA) RAVAGE rehearsal 28-4-87 10 mins EX- (USA) RAZOR CKLN interview 23-4-85 10 mins EX (Can) RAZOR CKLN interview 24-10-84 5 mins EX (Can) RAZOR live Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, ONT 12-7-85 80 mins EX(SB)- (Can) REPULSION SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT (SWE) DEMO 86 20 REVENANT Revenant (demo) 1988 (USA) Original RIGHTEOUS PIGS bonus tks (USA) ROTTING CHRIST "Triarchy of the Lost Lovers" CD/Dub 199? (Gre) SABBAT BLOODY COUNTESS [OFFICIAL REHEARSAL TRACKS 85-86] (JAP) DEMO 93 35 SABBAT NAGOYA (JAPAN) 31/05/87 (JAP) LIVE 87 40 SABBAT TOKYO (JAPAN) 03/11/86 (JAP) LIVE 86 40 SACRED ALIEN SALFORD COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY 18:3:83 30 M (UK) SACRED BLADE CITR interview 1990 5 min EX (CAN) SACRED BLADE Demo 1988 10 min EX (CAN) SACRED BLADE Demo 1990 10 min (CAN) (w/new line up) SACRED BLADE Interview 1990 5 min EX (CAN) SACRED BLADE Vancouver,BC 1991 40 min EX- (CAN) SACRIFICE live Coranet, Kitchener, Ont. 25-7-86 40 mins EX(SB) (Can) SACRIFICE rehearsal late 85/early 86 45 mins EX- (Can) SALIENT The Lesser Evil (demo) 1993 (USA) Original SAMAEL "Passage" CD/Dub 19?? (Swi) SARCOPHAGUS 1991 REHEARSAL/DEMO CASS 91 4 TRACKS (USA) SATAN'S MASSACRE demo 1986 (USA) SATANIC SLAUGHTER s/t CD/Dub 1996 (Swe) SATHANAS PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA (USA) 13/11/88 (USA) LIVE 88 5 1 TRACK ONLY! SATHANAS PROMO '95 (USA) PROMO 95 10 SATHANAS PROMO 1993 (USA) PROMO 93 5 SATHANAS RIPPING EVIL (USA) 7"x 93 15 REMIXED DEMO '88 SAVAGE THRUST Live Pain (demo) 1987 (USA) Original SAVATAGE Harpo's , Detroit 6/14/85 FM 90 min A (USA) SAVATAGE demo 84/85 (USA) SCHIZO promo mini CD '96 (ITA) SCORPIONS Stung Twice Live 83 and 91 mix Dub-BCD (GER) SCORPIONS Teutonic Terrors - Live 79 and 83 mix Dub-BCD (GER) SEMPTERNAL FALL demo '94 (UK) SEPSISM severe carnal butchery 94 (USA) SEWAGE bacterial filth 96 (USA) SHUB NIGGURATH 'HORROR CREATURES' DEMO 1 90 25 M (MEX) SHUB NIGGURATH MEXICO CITY 28:10:90 40 M (MEX) SHUB NIGGURATH REH 29:11:90 10 M (MEX) SINDROME "Into The Halls Of Extermination"Demo 11-9-87 20 min EX (USA) (remastered) SKULLVIEW REHEARSAL '96 (USA) REH 96 25 SLAUGHTER PARANORMAL DEMO 89 30 M (CAN) SLAUGHTER THE DARK DEMO 88 15 M (CAN) SLAYER live: Elkerlyck, Luttenberg, Holl. 02Jun85 90 mins (USA) SLAYER rehearsal 'witching hour & gumby theme' 5 min A- (USA) SLAYER rehearsal 6/17/85 10 min A- (USA) SLOTH allways happy to disappoint 94 (USA) SOD demo 1986 (USA) SOLITUDE Sickness (demo) 1988 (USA) Original SORORICIDE DEMO I (ICE) DEMO 93 15 SORORICIDE GODLIKE split MCD w/CHORUS OF RUIN (ICE) MCD 94 10 SPARTA 'FAST LANE' 7" EP 81 10 M (UK) SPAZZ "La Revancha" CD/Dub 199? (USA) STRAPPADO NOT DEAD YET DEMO 91 35 M (CAN) SUCCOR BENOTH crawl! DEMO 1996 (FRA) SURGICAL DYSFUNCTIONS demo 1994 (USA) Original SWEET SAVAGE CHANNEL ONE ROCK SHOW, IRELAND 83 T.V. 15 M (UK) SWEET SAVAGE HAMMERSMITH ODEON, LONDON 25:11:81 (EX) 35 M (UK) SWEET SAVAGE Killing Time CD/Dub 1996 (UK) SWEET SAVAGE LIVE 81 [SB] 30 M (UK) SWEET SAVAGE MARQUEE, LONDON 11:11:92 M.T. 30 M (UK) THE D MINUS PLAYERS fictitous onslaught 96 (USA) THORNS OF THE CARRION darkness in the elegy season demo (USA) THORNS OF THE CARRION the willow weeps for me demo (USA) THROWBACK pain in suffering 96 (USA) TIAMAT 1 live tk - unreleased (SWE) TREBLINKA CRAWLING IN VOMITS (SWE) DEMO 88 20 * TREBLINKA IN THE SIGN OF THE PENTAGRAM (SWE) DEMO 89 20 TREBLINKA LIVE "ULTRAHUSET", STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN 11/20/88 (SWE) LIVE 88 20 TREBLINKA REHEARSAL 03/01/89 (SWE) REH 89 10 TREBLINKA SEVERE ABOMINATION (SWE) 7" 89 10 NOW TIAMAT TWISTED SISTER Detroits Long Island NY 5/14/80 FM 90 min A+ (USA) TWITCHING SLAB s/t 92 (USA) TYGERS OF PAN TANG BBC In Concert 2/14/81 FM 30 min A+ (w/ John Sykes) (UK) TYSONDOG DYNAMO, EINDHOVEN 84 90 M (UK) UNHOLY GRAVE death comes from nowhere DEMO 1994 (JAP) URCHIN SHES A ROLLER 7" EP 78 5 M (UK) USURPER Diabolisis CD/Dub 1996 (USA) USURPER Threshold of the Usurper EP/Dub 1997 (USA) VADER live in decay DEMO/REHEARSAL 1986 (POL) VAIN demo 1989 4trx 20 min (USA) VAIN demo 91-92? 4 trx 20 min (USA) VAIN studio trx "Holdin On" 5 min (USA) VARIOUS ARTISTS HEADBANGERS AGAINST DISCO VOL. 1 7"-Dub 97 VARIOUS ARTISTS HEADBANGERS AGAINST DISCO VOL. 2 7"-Dub 97 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hate Music comp. vol. 2 VARIOUS ARTISTS MASTERS OF MISERY-COMPILATION BLACK SABBATH: AN EARACHE TRIBUTE CD 92 JAPANESE FEATURES: CATHEDRAL, SLEEP, BRUTAL TRUTH,CONFESSOR, GODFLESH, ...MORE VARIOUS ARTISTS and the weak shall perish .. 10 banD comp. put out by mark from insatanity with ...insatanity,crucifer,sepremia,banishment,morbid entree,ossuary,adversary,days of lamenting,inhumanity,prototype:infinity VENOM BBC RADIO INT. 24:3:93 5 M (UK) VENOM bbc radio hell session (02/08/85) RADIO (UK) VENOM live: The Ritz, NYC BCD/Dub 1986 (UK) VIO-LENCE DEMO 86 25 M (USA) VIO-LENCE REH 12:3:86 20 M (USA) VIOLENTLY ILL hate therapy DEMO 1996 (USA) VISCERAL TUMOR one corpse ain't repair DEMO 1995 (SPA) VOI VOD Batman outtake from Dimension Hattros (CD only/Dub) 1987 (Can) VOI VOD Cockroaches EP/Dub 1987 (Can) VOMITORY through sepulchral shadows DEMO 1995 (SWE) WARFARE Mayhem Fucking Mayhem LP/Dub 1986 (UK) WATCHTOWER "Cathrode Ray Window" unreleased trx 1988 5 min (USA) WATCHTOWER Demo Rehearsal 1985 15 min (USA) WATCHTOWER Instruments of Random Murder demo 1987 20 min (USA) WIDOW DEMO 84 10 M (UK) WOMBBATH BRUTAL MIGHTS (SWE) DEMO 92 15 * WOMBBATH SEVERAL SHAPES (SWE) 7"x 92 10


C-Toe C-45 1997 (USA) Crimson Glory Transcendence 1988 (Can) Cyclone Brutal Destruction 1986 (Bel) Destruction Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation 1986 (Ger) Dokken Breaking the Chains 1983 (USA) Doom Total Doom 1989 (UK) Doomwatch A Symphony of Decadence 1989 (USA) Excel The Joke's On You 1989 (USA) Helloween Don't Metal With Evil 1984 (USA) Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith 1984 (UK) Manowar Sign of the Hammer 1984 (USA) Queensryche Empire 1990 (USA) Raven All For One 1983 (UK) Sacred Reich Ignorance 1987 (USA) Sadus Swallowed In Black 1990 (USA) Twisted Sister Under the Blade 1982 (USA) 1985 re-release Various Artists Turn It up and Pass It On Vol 6 1991 (USA) Xillion advance CD 1997 (USA)


2 Minutes Hate Let It Eat 1995 (USA) Accept No Substitutes 1992 (Ger) Acrosticon Engraved In Black 1992 (Hol) Alice In Chains Unplugged 1996 (USA) Angkor Wat When Obscenity Becomes the Norm...Awake! / Corpus Christi 1989/1990 (USA) 1995 re-release Anthrax Armed and Dangerous 1985 (USA) 1992 re-release Anthrax Fistful of Metal 1983 (USA) 1992 re-release Anthrax Fueled + 2 unreleased covers 199? (USA) Anthrax Sound of White Noise 1993 (USA) Anvil Live In Concert 1989 (Can) Atheist Elements 1993 (USA) Atom Seed Get In Line 1990 (UK) Attica Weed Out the Weak 1996 (USA) Autopsy Fiend For Blood 1991 (USA) Aversion The Ugly Truth 1990 (USA) Biohazard Mata Leao 1996 (USA) Black Sabbath Forbidden 1995 (UK) Black Sabbath Techincal Ecstasy 1976 (UK) Blood From the Soul To Spite the Gland That Bleeds 1994 (UK) Body Count Born Dead CDSingle 1994 (USA) Bush Little Things ECDSingle 1995 (UK) Bush Razorblade Suitcase 1996 (UK) C-Toe s/t 1995 (USA) Candlebox s/t 1993 (USA) Candlemass Ancient Dreams 1988 (Swe) Cathedral Cosmic Requiem MCD 1994 (UK) Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying 1992 (Swi) Circle of Dust s/t 1995 (USA) Coffin Break Crawl 1991 (USA) Coffin Break No Sleep 'till the Stardust Motel 1991 (USA) Collective Soul s/t 1995 (USA) Coroner No More Color 1989 (Swi) Coroner R.I.P. 1987 (Swi) 1993 re-release Crisis Deathshead Extermination 1996 (USA) Crowded House Fingers of Love CDSingle 1994 (Aus) Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal 1991 (USA) Dead World The Machine 1993 (USA) Deafness Oppressing the Silence 1996 (Can) Deathrow Deception Ignored 1988 (Ger) Defiance Beyond Recognition 1992 (USA) Diamond Head Behold the Beginning 1987 (UK) Diamond Head Behold the Beginning 1991 (UK) 1994 re-release Diamond Head Death and Progress 1993 (UK) Die Warzau Big Electric Metal Bass Face 1991 (USA) Disgrace Grey Misery 1991 (Fin) Disharmonic Orchestra Expositions Prophylaxe 1990 (Ast) Dismember Casket Garden MCD 1994 (Swe) Down Nola 1995 (USA) Dream Theatre Awake 1994 (USA) El Duce Slave to Thy Master 1993 (USA) Excruciation Anno Domini - An Anthology of the Past 1992 (Swi) Exodus Another Lesson In Violence 1997 (USA) Exodus Bonded By Blood 1983 (USA) 19?? re-release Fetish 69 Brute Force 199? (Austria) GG Allin Hated in the Nation 19?? (USA) Good Rats Ratcity in Blue 1978 (USA) 1993 re-release Good Rats Tasty 1978 (USA) 1993 re-release Grief Come to Grief 1994 (USA) Hellion The Black Book 1991 (USA) Impaler Wake Up Screaming 1987 (USA) Insatanity/Immortal Suffering split CD 1997 (USA) John Connelly Theory Back To Basics 1991 (USA) Judas Priest Hell Bent for Leather 1978 (UK) Judas Priest Painkiller 1990 (UK) Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny 1976 (UK) Killjoy Compelled By Fear 1990 (USA) King's X Ear Candy 1996 (USA) Korn s/t 1994 (USA) Kreator Renewal 1992 (Ger) Kreator Scenarios of Violence 1996 (Ger) Krokus Heart Attack 1988 (Swi) Last Crack Burning Time 1991 (Can) Leeway Open Mouth Kiss 1995 (USA) Life Sex & Death The Silent Majority 1992 (USA) Living Color Auslander MCD 1993 (USA) Living Impaired World Keeps Spinning 1996 (USA) Lucifer s/t 1996 (USA) M.O.D. Rhythm of Fear 1992 (USA) M.O.D. Surfin' M.O.D. 1992 (USA) Megadeth Hidden Treasures 1995 (USA) Mercyful Fate In the Shadows 1993 (Den) Mercyful Fate The Beginning 1987 (Den) Metallica Until It Sleeps CDSingle 1997 (USA) Monster Magnet I Talk To Planets ECD 1995 (USA) Mortuary Blackened Images 1992 (Mex) Motorhead Ace of Spades 1980 (UK) 1996 re-release Motorhead Bastards 1993 (UK) My Dying Bride Like Gods of the Sun 1996 (UK) Napalm Death The Peel Sessions 1989 (UK) Napalm Death The Peel Sessions 1989 (UK) Necrosis Acta Sanctorum 1995 (USA) Nuclear Assault Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1992 (USA) Onslaught In Search of Sanity 1989 (UK) Oppressor European Oppression Live + As Blood Flows 1995 (USA) Over Kill Feel the Fire 1985 (USA) 1987 re-release Over Kill Fuck You & Then Some 1996 (USA) Over Kill Taking Over 1987 (USA) Over Kill Under the Influence 1988 (USA) Over Kill Years of Decay 1989 (USA) Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz 1981 (UK) Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill 1996 (USA) Penance The Road Less Travelled 1992 (USA) Poison Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996 1996 (USA) Post Mortem Festival of Fun 1993 (USA) Prong Prove You Wrong 1991 (USA) Re-Animator Condemned To Eternity 1990 (UK) Red Square Black Square 1994 (USA) Reign Embrace 1994 (UK) Rest In Pieces My Rage 1994 (USA) Revelation Salvations Answer 1990 (USA) Reverend World Won't Miss You 1990 (USA) Rush Test For Echo 1996 (Can) S.O.D. Live At Budokan 1992 (USA) Sacred Reich Independent 1993 (USA) Saigon Kick Water 1993 (USA) Sarcofago Rotting 1989 (Bra) Scatterbrain Scamboogery 1991 (USA) Shy England Misspent Youth 1990 (UK) Skid Row B-Side Ourselves 1992 (USA) Skrew Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame 1992 (USA) Slayer Hell Awaits 1985 (USA) 1993 re-release Slayer Undisputed Attitude 1996 (USA) Smashing Pumpkins Peel Sessions 1992 (USA) Smile Maquee 1994 (USA) Soundgarden Fell On Black Days CDSingle 1995 (USA) Stick Heavy Bag 1993 (USA) Sweet The Best of Sweet 1974 (UK) 1992 re-release Tenebrae The Mist Soften My Sorrow 1996 (Can) Thanatopsis Within A Consciousness Unborn 1995 (USA) The Coup de Grace s/t 1992 (USA) The Jason Bonham Band In Memory of my Father 1996 (USA) Tool Aenima 1996 (USA) Torch Fire Raiser 1982 (Swe) 1990 re-release Torch s/t 1984 (Swe) 1990 re-release Trust Live! Paris By Night 1989 (Fra) Type O Negative October Rust 1996 (USA) UFO The Early Years 1992 (UK) Various Artists A Black Mark Tribute 1997 Black Mark Prods. Various Artists A Compilation of Diversity 1996 (USA) Max Trax Studios Various Artists Battlecade: Extreme Music Soundtrack 1996 Pavement Music Various Artists Black Mark Attack 1996 Black Mark Prods. Various Artists Dark Passages 1991 Various Artists Demolition 1992 (USA) R.E.X. Records Various Artists Earcahe Spring/Summer '95 Sampler 1995 Earache Various Artists Eat the Evidence 1997 (USA) Mortal Coil Recs. Various Artists Howard Stern Private Parts: The Album 1997 (USA) Various Artists In Memory of Celtic Frost 1996 Various Artists Into the Catachthonium Vol 2 1995 Unisound Recs. Various Artists Legion of the Scroll 1996 (USA) Grimoire of Exalted Deeds zine Various Artists Metal Massacre Vol 4 1983 Metal Blade Recs. Various Artists Metalmeister 1996 Metal Blade Recs. Various Artists Midnight Offerings Vol 3 1995 With Your Teeth Recs. Various Artists Milwaukee Metal Fest #2 1995 Various Artists NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 1 1986 (UK) Various Artists Repulsive Assault 1995 Repulse Recs, Various Artists Smells Like Team Spirit 1995 Displeased Recs. Various Artists Spectrum Fest 1997 Relapse/Release Various Artists The Apocalypse Manifesto 1996 Necropolis Recs. Various Artists World Domination 1995 Osmose Prods. Venom At War With Satan 1984 (UK) Venom Black Metal 1982 (UK) Venom Welcome To Hell 1981 (UK) Voi Vod The Best of 1992 (Can) Wrath Nothing To Fear 1987 (USA)


Agent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse 1984 (USA) Combat Agent Steel Unstoppable Force 1987 (USA) Cobra Carnivore s/t 1985 (USA) Attic Cemetary An Evil Shade of Grey 1992 (Swe) Black Mark Deathwish Demon Preacher 1989 (UK) GWR Epitaph/Excruciate split LP 1991 (Swe) Infest Gravestone Back To Attack 1985 (Ger) Banzai Mercyful Fate The Beginning 1987 (Den) Banzai Not Us Think What You Want 1989 (USA) Wild Rags Sacred Blade Of the Sun + Moon 1985 (Can) Black Dragon Thanatos Emerging From the Netherworlds 1990 (Hol) Shark Various Artists Virus 100 1992 Alternative Tentacles

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