CD / Vinyl / Cassette / Dub List

Updates through May, 1996

(sic) (USA)                    (sic) 95 (Dub-MCD)
Alice Donut (USA)              The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children 92 (Tape)
Anacrusis (USA)                Manic Impressions 91 (Tape)
April Wine (CAN)               The Nature of the Beast 81 (Tape)
Atrophy (USA)                  Socialized Hate 88 (Tape)
B-52's (USA)                   s/t 79 (Tape)
Better Than Ezra (USA)         Deluxe 95 (CD)
Candiria (USA)                 Deep in the Mental 95 (Dub-7")
Candlebox (USA)                Lucy 95 (CD)
Catherine Wheel (UK)           Happy Days 95 (CD)
Confessor (USA)                Condemned 91 (Tape)
Convulse (FIN)                 Reflections 94 (Tape)
Deaf Dealer (CAN)              Keeper of the Flame 86 (Tape)
Desultory (SWE)                Bitterness 94 (Tape)
Filter (USA)                   Short Bus 95 (CD)
Hallow's Eve (USA)             Tales of Terror 85 (Tape)
Hellbastard (UK)               Natural Order 90 (Tape)
Indestroy (USA)                Senseless Theories 89 (Tape)
Manilla Road (USA)             Out of the Abyss 88 (Tape)
Medieval (USA)                 Medieval Kills 87 (Tape)
Morbid Angel (USA)             Domination 95 (CD)
Onslaught (UK)                 Power From Hell 87 (Tape)
Poltergeist (GER)              Behind My Mask 91 (Tape)
Running Wild (GER)             Under Jolly Roger 87 (Tape)
Sacrilege (UK)                 Turn Back Trilobite 89 (Tape)
Sacrilege BC (USA)             Too Cool To Pray 88 (Tape)
Skinny Puppy (CAN)             Vivi Sect VI 88 (Tape)
Skinny Puppy (CAN)             Twelve Inch Anthology 89 (Tape)
Slaughter House (USA)          s/t 90 (Tape)
Tyrant Trooper (USA)           Insane Sickness 95 (Dub-CD)
Various Artists (USA)          Hell Comes to Your House Parts I & II 84 (Tape)
Various Artists (USA)          Complete Death 86 (Tape)

Demo / live / rehearsal tape List

Updates through May, 1996

Abominant Never Truly Dead/USA/'94/?/? Avernus Sadness/USA/'94/?/? Candiria Live: Bogies, Albany, NY/USA/11/12/95/?/? Corpus Delecti Blasphemy Embodiment/USA/'93/?/? Exhumed Forgotten Misery/USA-Mass/'94/?/? Hemdale Hemdale/USA/'94/?/? Insatanity Unholiness Rising/USA/'95/?/? Sarcophagy Cut To Pieces/USA/'95/?/? Scattered Remnants Procreating Mass Carnage/USA/'94/?/? Unearth Malformed Cranium/USA/'94/?/? Within The Unaccepted/USA/'95/?/?

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