Updates from Febuary 25 through May 14, 1998

Demo / rehearsal / live tape / dub list

Abhoth (SWE) "The Matter of Splatter" demo 1989 Afflicted Convulsion (SWE) "Beyond Redemption" demo 1990 Agent Steele (USA) live: Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Ger. 14May86 40 mins Attack (GER) "Return of the Evil" LP/Dub 1985 Pro Sound Attitude Adjustment (USA) "Dead Serious" demo 1986 10 songs (CA) Aurora Borealis (USA) Mansions of Eternity MCD/Dub 1996 B.O.T. (USA) "Faster, Thrashing, Speed" 1986 13 songs (WA) B.O.T. (USA) "Bang Till You Bleed" 1987 10 songs (WA) Bathory (SWE) Lord of the Grave promo/demo 1986 13 min Beseiged (SIN) demo Black Angel (JAP) "Bloodbath" demo 1986 Blade Runner (UK) "Warriors of Rock" LP/Dub 1986 Ebony Blind Illusion (USA) "Life After Death" demo 198? (SF,CA) *REPL* Blind Illusion (USA) live: Keystone, Berkeley, CA 20Apr83 [SB] (SF,CA) Blind Illusion (USA) "Trilogy Of Terror" 1985 3 songs (CA) Blind Illusion (USA) demo 1986 5 songs (CA) Brain Fever (GER) "Capture the Night" LP/Dub 1984 Mausoleum Carnage (SWE) "The Day Man Lost" demo 1988 Catharsis (CAN) Under Threating Skies demo Chaosick (CAN) In Chaos For Eternity MCD/Dub 1997 Chateaux (UK) "Fire Power" LP/Dub 1984 Ebony Clown Alley (USA) demo 1986 6 songs (CA) Corruption (USA) "Infest Of Rage" 1986 8 songs (CA) D.O.A. (CAN) "Positively" 7"/Dub 1981 Alternative Tentacles Damien Thorne (USA) "The Sign of the Jackal" LP/Dub 1986 Cobra Dammaj (USA) "Mutiny" LP/Dub 1986 (CA) Dark Angel (USA) Three way thrash audio from video live: Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1989 Dark Angel (USA) Hunger 1994 15 min Darkness (GER) Evil Curse 1985 15 min Darkness (GER) Spawn of the Dark One 1986 24 min Darkness (GER) Fear No Evil 1987 35 min Dead Horse (USA) "Death Rides A Dead Horse" 1988 6 songs (TX) Dealer (UK) "First Strike" LP/Dub 1986 Ebony Death (USA) live: Longhorn, Stuttgart, Ger. 19May95 90 mins Deathstrike (USA) adv. EP 1990 14 min Decapitation (USA) "Killing the Innocents" demo 1985 (CA) Deceased (USA) live: Allentown, PA 1994 Deceased (USA) Death Metal from the Grave CD/Dub 1997 Desecration (USA) "The Summoning" 1986 6 songs (CA) Desecrator (UK) Subconscious Release LP/Dub 44 min Destruction (GER) "Rehearsal 01/85" Digger (GER) "Stronger Than Ever" LP/Dub 1986 Noise Disciples of Power (CAN) Power Trap CD/Dub 1989 Disciples of Power (CAN) Mechanikill CD/Dub 1996 Dismember (SWE) "Dismembered" demo 1 1988 Dismember (SWE) "Last Blasphemies" demo 2 1989 Dismember (SWE) "Rehearsal 1989" Dismember (SWE) "Reborn in Blasphemy" demo 3 1990 Doctor Butcher (USA) "Doctor Butcher" CD/Dub 1994 Gun/BMG Dr. Know (USA) "Burn" 7"/Dub 1985 (CA) Mystic Dream Death (USA) unreleased 12" 1989 15 min Empyria (CAN) demo #1 1993 Empyria (CAN) demo #2 1994 Enthroned (BEL) Prophecies of Pagan Fire CD/Dub Epoch of Unlight (USA) Within the Night. . . promo 1996 Equinox (USA) Upon the Throne of Eternity demo 1995 Exploder (USA) demo 1996 3 songs (OH) aka Sloth F.C.D.N. Tormentor (USA) 7"/Dub 1990 (CA) Deep Six Fitz of Depression (USA) "Crankshaft" 199? (WA) K Fitz of Depression (USA) "Lie" 199? (WA) K Frigid Bich (USA) live: L'Amours, Brooklyn, NY 29Dec85 (NY) Geronimo (DEN) "A Journey Into Oblivion" demo 1992 Gothic Knights (USA) "Gothic Knights" CD/Dub 1996 Sentinel Steel Music Grave (SWE) "Sick Disgust Eternal" demo 1 1988 Grave (SWE) "Sexual Mutilation" demo 2 1990 Grave Digger (GER) "Rebellion" EP/Dub 1996 Grave Digger (GER) "Tunes of War" CD/Dub 1996 Gun Grave Digger (GER) live: Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, Ger. 6Jan97 100 mins Grotesque (SWE) "Rehearsal 1988" Grotesque (SWE) "The Black Gate Is Closed" reh/demo 1989 Grotesque (SWE) advance unreleased LP 1989 "Into the Embrace of Evil" Grotesque (SWE) "Rehearsal 15/06/89" Grotesque (SWE) "Rehearsal 04/07/89" Hell's Dagger (CAN) "Metal Rebels" demo 1984 *REPL* Helstar (USA) live: ? 1985 5 mins (TX) Helstar (USA) rehearsal Jul85 40 mins (TX) Helstar (USA) "Multiples of Black" CD/Dub 1995 Massacre Hirax (USA) demo 1984 w/ Intro (CA) Hirax (USA) "Blasted In Bangkok" 1987 3 songs (CA) Immortal Suffering (USA) Eternal Damnation demo Impostor (NOR) "Little Hitler Illusion" demo 1987 Imprecation (USA) Theurgia Goetia Summa CD/Dub 1995 Impulse Manslaughter (USA) "Burn One Naked, And Nuke It" 7"/Dub 1986 (IL) Nuclear Blast Incision (SWE) adv. EP 1992 13 min Judas Priest (UK) live: Palladium, New York, NY 4Nov79 [FM] Kreator (GER) rehearsal 2May85 25 min Legion of Doom (USA) demo 1986 (CA) Ludichrist (USA) demo #2 1986 11 songs (NY) Macifecation (CAN) Destinded demo Maggot of Putrefaction (GER) Infernal Harvest demo II 1996 20 min Maggot of Putrefaction (GER) Hell's Eaters 1997 14 min Malice (USA) "In the Beginning..." LP/Dub 1985 Atlantic Master (USA) The Final Word 1995 15 min Mefisto (SWE) "The Puzzle" demo #2 1987 Mendes (FRA) demo 1986 9 min Metal Church (USA) live: Ryan's, St. Paul, MN 1987 40 mins Morbid (NOR) December Moon demo 1987 Morbid (NOR) Last Supper demo 1988 Morbid Angel (USA) "Unholy Blasphemies" 1986 3 songs (FL) Morbid Angel (USA) demo 1987 3 songs (FL) Morbid Scream (USA) demo 1989 15 min ex-Necrovore Mr. Bungle (USA) "Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny" 1986 8 songs (CA) Mr. Bungle (USA) "Bowel Of Chiley" 1986 14 songs (CA) Mr. Bungle (USA) "God Dammit, I Love America" 1988 7 songs (CA) Mr. Bungle (USA) "OU818" 1989 6 songs (CA) N.M.E. (USA) "Unholy Death" demo 1985 Naphobia (USA) Cultivated Innards demo 1993 Necrophagia (USA) "It Began With A Twisted Dream" 1987 3 songs (CA) Necrophagia (USA) rehearsal 6Nov86 4 min (OH) Necropolis (USA) demo #2 1986 3 songs (CA) Necrovore (USA) comp. tk Slaughtered Remains 3 min Necrovore (USA) rehearsal Dec87 10 min Necrovore (USA) demo 1991 15 min Nile (USA) Festivals of Atonement MCD/Dub Nile (USA) Ramses, Bringer of War MCD/Dub Nirvana 2002 (SWE) "Disembodied Spirits" demo 1991 Noctuary (USA) Where All Agony Prevails demo 1996 Nocturnal Rites (SWE) "In A Time of Blood and Fire" CD/Dub 1995 Megarock Numskull (USA) When Suffering Comes CD/Dub 1997 Onslaught (UK) "Demo/rehearsal 1984" Onslaught (UK) live: Leeds, UK 4Sep85 Ostrogoth (BEL) "Too Hot" LP/Dub 1985 Mausoleum Outbreak (CAN) "Metal Reich" demo 1985 Outbreak (CAN) "Iron Guard" demo 1986 Papsmear (USA) demo #2 1988 3 songs (NV) Papsmear (USA) "Nothing Left To Hold Us Back" 7 songs 1989 (NV) Papsmear (USA) live 1990 3 songs (NV) Parasite (SWE) demo 1983 Pestilence (HOL) "Rehearsal 1987" Phantasm (USA) demo #2 1986 2 songs (CA) Phantasm (USA) demo 1987 6 songs (CA) w/ Gene Hoglan!!! Phantasm (USA) rehearsal 1987 4 songs (CA) Picture (HOL) live: Earthquake Fest., Hol. 30Apr83 Poison Idea (USA) "Discontent" 7"/Dub 1989 (OR) American Leather Poison Idea (USA) "Just To Get Away" 7"/Dub 1989 (OR) American Leather Poison Idea (USA) "Taken By Surprise" 7"/Dub 1990 (OR) Sub Pop Prophecy (USA) It Shall Come To Pass demo (TX) R.U.Dead? (GER) 2 CD-Comp. tx 1997 11min from the new EP, but CD-quality Rancid Decay (USA) demo 1986 8 songs (AZ) Razor (CAN) live: Quebec City, Que., Can. 12Apr86 85 mins Redrum (USA) "Death In Disneyland" 1988 5 songs (CA) Rotting Souls (USA) demo 1991 6 songs (OH) Satan (UK) "Guardian" demo 1981 Satan (UK) "Dirt" demo 1986 Savage Death (USA) Crucified In Hell 1986 20 min Schizo (ITA) Total Schizophrenia 1987 25 min Sentenced (FIN) studio session - unrel. tk 1993 5 min Shrouded Deity (USA) Omens demo 1993 Slaughter (CAN) rehearsal 13Oct85 Slaughterlord (AUS) Die By Power II 1987 15 min Sloth (USA) "As It Was So It Will Be Forever" 1996 4 songs (OH) Sloth (USA) "E. Pluribus Interuptus" 1996 5 songs (OH) Sloth (USA) "Getting Ready For Christmas" 7"/Dub 1996 (OH) Sloth (USA) "Obliterations Of Good Taste And Common Sense" 7"/Dub 1996 (OH) Sloth (USA) "Anaconda" 1997 1 song (OH) Sloth (USA) "Heart Full Of Worms" 7"/Dub 1997 (OH) Sloth (USA) "I Enjoy Watching Women's Volleyball" 7"/Dub 1997 (OH) Sloth (USA) "Pepper Keenan Punches Like A Girl" 7"/Dub 1997 (OH) Sloth (USA) demo 1997 3 songs (OH) Sorcery (SWE) The Arrival 1987 37 min Sorcery (SWE) Ancient Creation II 1988 26 min Sorcery (SWE) adv. tx LP 1991 Blood Chilling Tales 20 min Stormwitch (GER) live: Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Ger 29Aug84 Stormwitch (GER) "The Beauty And The Beast" LP/Dub 1987 Strappado (CAN) Fatal Judgement 1992 45 min T.H.C. (USA) "Christian Brainwash" 1987 11 songs (CA) Thanatos (HOL) "Official Live Tape 1987" live demo 1987 Thrust (USA) "Heavier Than Hell" demo #2 1983 (IL) *REPL* Tiamat (SWE) live: Terminal, Munich, Ger, 30Sep95 45 mins (of 90) Tormentor (GER) Blitzkrieg 1984 16 min pre-Kreator Transgressor (USA) demo 1987 10 songs (CA) Tyran' Pace (GER) "Eye To Eye" LP/Dub 1984 Scratch Tyran' Pace (GER) "Watching You" LP/Dub 1986 Noise Unleashed (SWE) "....Revenge" 7" (/demo 2) 1990 Unleashed (SWE) "And the Laughter Has Died...." 7" 1990 Various Artists (USA) "Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.II" Theologian 1995 (16, Excruciating Terror, Iabhorher, Cattlepress, Lack Of Interest, Fleabag, Dystopia, Fear Factory, Despise You, Stapled Shut) Various Artists (USA) "Welcome To Ax/ction Island" Ax/ction 1986 (Cancerous Growth, Stupids, GG Allin, Psycho, Spastic Rats, PTL Klub, The Scam) Vio-lence (USA) live: Miami Beach, FL 17Aug88 [SB](SF,CA) Vio-lence (USA) live: Hallendale, FL 18Aug88 [SB] (SF,CA) Vomit (NOR) "Rot In Hell" demo 1987 World War III (USA) "World War III" LP/Dub 1985 Axe Killer


Black Sabbath (UK) "Paranoid" 1971 (replacement of missing one) Wehrmacht (USA) Shark Attack 1987 (New Renaissance) (OR)


Accept (GER) The Final Chapter 2CD 1998 CMC Anthrax (USA) Among the Living 1987 Island Bathory (SWE) Bathory 1984/1990 re-release Black Mark Bathory (SWE) The Return 1985/1990 re-release Black Mark Black Sabbath (UK) Paranoid 1970 WB Black Sabbath (UK) Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath 1973 WB Black Sabbath (UK) Sabotage 1975 WB Borknagar (SWE) The Olden Domain 1997 Century Black Cannibal Corpse (USA) Vile 1997 Metal Blade (censored version) Celtic Frost (SWI) To Mega Therion 1985/1988 re-release Noise Circle Jerks (USA) "Group Sex" & "Wild In the Streets" 2in1 Crisis (USA) The Hollowing 1997 Metal Blade Entombed (SWE) Left Hand Path Fear Factory (USA) Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) 1997 Roadrunner Forbidden (USA) Green 1997 Pavement Inner Thought (CAN) Perspectives 1996 Dwell Judas Priest (UK) Metal Works 1993 Columbia King's X (USA) Best of King's X 1997 Atlantic Kreator (GER) Endless Pain 1985/1997 re-release F.A.D. Kreator (GER) Pleasure To Kill + Flag of Hate 1986/1996 re-release Noise Kreator (GER) Terrible Certainty 1987/1997 re-release F.A.D. Kreator (GER) Extreme Aggression 1989/1997 re-release F.A.D. Master (USA) Faith Is In Season 1998 Pavement Metal Church (USA) s/t 1985 Elektra Perpetua (BRA) Irrational 1996 Pavement Scorpions (GER) Blackout 1982 Mercury Sepultura (BRA) Blood-Rooted 1997 Roadrunner Shub Niggurath (MEX) The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon On Earth) 1997 Oz Productions Six Feet Under (USA) Alive and Dead 1996 Metal Blade Six Feet Under (USA) Warpath 1997 Metal Blade Slayer (USA) Seasons in the Abyss 1988 American Slayer (USA) South of Heaven 1990 American Thou Art Lord (GRE) Apollyon 1997 Unisound Various Artists A Tribute to Judas Priest Legends of Metal, Vol. 2 1996 Century Media Germany Various Artists Feuersturm 2CD 1997 Century Media Germany Various Artists Firestarter 1997 Century Black Various Artists Identity 1 1995 Century Media Various Artists Identity 2 1995 Century Media Various Artists Identity 3...D! 1997 Century Media Various Artists Identity 4 1998 Century Media Various Artists Metal Massacre 1982/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metal Massacre 2 1982/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metal Massacre 3 1983/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metal Massacre 5 1984/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metal Massacre 6 1985/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metal Massacre 7 1986/1994 re-release Metal Blade Various Artists Metalmeister Vol. 2 1997 Metal Blade Various Artists Pavement Compilation - Roadkill, Vol. 1 1995 Various Artists (USA) Band In L.A. / Banned Together 1992 PMRC Venom (UK) Cast In Stone + bonus CD 1997 Steamhammer Wardog (USA) Scorched Earth 1996 Metal Blade Wotan (GER) Tranquility 19??



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