Updates from June 2 through Nov. 13, 1998

Demo / rehearsal / live tape / dub list

Abdullah (USA) demo Aug98 (OH) Blessed Death (USA) "Terminal Rage" demo 1990 (NJ) Burnt Offering (USA) "Graphic Violence" demo 1986 (IL) Burnt Offering (USA) "Death Decay" demo 1987 (IL) Celtic Frost (SWI) rehearsal 6-84 15 min EX- Celtic Frost (SWI) rehearsal 6-84 30 min EX- (ex-HELLHAMMER)(w/Steve Priestly) Celtic Frost (SWI) demo 1985 20 min EX (w/Reed St Mark) Celtic Frost (SWI) "Eclipse Their Mourning Sun" live bootleg cass. (Hamburg, Ger. 10Feb87) Celtic Frost (SWI) demos 1992+1993 (only unrel. stuff !!!) 43min Coldblood (USA) demo 1987 Cranium (SWE) Speed Metal Satan MCD 20min Damnation (CAN) Aggressive Repulsive... 1987 22min Darkness (GER) rehearsal 1986 Darkness (GER) Death Squad LP 47min Darkness (GER) "Official Live Tape" Pforzheim, Ger. 23May87 Deathstrike (USA) rehearsal 2May85 8min Decapitation (USA) rehearsal 26-1-86 45 min EX- Desexult (DEN) S.O.D.F.O.A.D. 1986 24min Dream Death (USA) More Graveyard Delving II 1986 25min Excision (USA) split 7" w / Master 5min Exodus (USA) live: Hemmerleinhalle, Nurenberg, Germany 19-10-85 30 min EX [SB] Exodus (USA) demo 3-86 15 min EX Exodus (USA) live: Ruthies,Inn,Berkeley,CA 1-3-86 60 min EX [SB] FCDN Tormentor (USA) live: Fenders Ballroom,Long Beach,CA 13-6-86 25 min EX [SB] FCDN Tormentor (USA) rehearsal 4-12-92 5 min EX-/EX Funeral Nation (USA) After The Battle LP 43min Genocide (USA) "Violent Death" demo/rehearsal 21-10-85 15 min EX Immortal Souls (USA) "Who Will Be Your Master?" demo 1988 30 mins Infernal Majesty (CAN) "Nation Of Chaos" demo 1991 20 min EX (w/new line up) Insaniac (USA) "Screams From The Asylum" demo 1985 (NJ) Insaniac (USA) rehearsal Nov86 (NJ) Insanity (USA) rehearsal / demo 1985 original Insanity (USA) "Extinction" demo 1994 original Master (USA) demo/rehearsal 1985 7min Master (USA) Unknown Soldier Feb85 20min Master (USA) split 7" w / Excision 8min Mersinary (USA) "Choose Death" MLP/Dub 1987 (NV) Morbid Angel (USA) demo 1985 (w/Kenny Bamber and Dallas Ward on vocals) Mutilator (FRA) rehearsal 1986 45 min EX- Mutilator (FRA) "Omens Of Dark Fate" demo 27-4-87 20 min EX (official remix) N.M.E. (USA) Unholy Death LP 30min Nasty Savage (USA) live: Brandon,FL 22-9-85 25 min EX [SB] Nasty Savage (USA) live: CBGB'S,New York City,NY 27-11-85 55 min EX [SB] Nasty Savage (USA) live: Side Streets,Brandon,FL 4-86 60 min EX [SB] Nasty Savage (USA) live: San Antonio,TX 13-2-87 45 min EX [SB] Necronomicon (GER) demo 1985 20min Necronomicon (GER) Possessed By Evil 7" 10min Obliveon (CAN) demo 1989 30 min EX (ex-OBLIVION) Obliveon (CAN) "Fiction Of Veracity" demo #2 Oct89 30 min EX Obliveon (CAN) live: Drummondville,QUE 13-1-90 75 min EX [SB] Oblivion (USA) "Intoxicated With Agony" demo 1987 (NJ) R.U.Dead? (GER) A Thought Before The Kill MLP 18min R.U.Dead? (GER) Nothing Will Be Forgiven MCD 22min R.U.Dead? (GER) promo 1992 45min Razor (CAN) live in Ohio ?? 45 mins Razor (CAN) Decibles LP Resistance (USA) "Veil Of Mystery" demo 1987 (CA) 24 mins Ripping Corpse (USA) Death Warmed Over 1986 14min Sacred Blade (CAN) "Seven Moonz Of Xercez" BCD/Dub Sacred Oath (USA) "A Crystal Vision" LP/Dub 1987 (CT) Shellshock (USA) demo # 1 1983 25 min EX (pre-Dark Angel) Skinless (USA) Swollen Heaps 1995 (Hudson Falls, NY) Slaughter (CAN) Strappado (Remix-CD) 32min Sloth (USA) Enuma Elish 1998 Sorcery (SWE) Unholy Crusade III 1989 20min Stone Soldier (USA) demo 198? Vio-lence (USA) rehearsal 29-10-85 15 min EX- (ex-DEATH PENALTY) Vio-lence (USA) live: Ruthies Inn,Berkeley,CA 7-2-86 30 min EX- Vio-lence (USA) live: Rock On Broadway,San Francisco,CA 15-2-86 15 min EX- Violent Force (GER) Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow LP/Dub 1987 40min


Accused, The (USA) Splatter Rock 19?? Accused, The (USA) Straight Razor 1990 Agnostic Front (USA) Cause For Alarm 1986 (NY) Broken Bones (UK) F.O.A.D. 1987 Elvis Hitler (USA) Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious 1992 Insanity (USA) Death After Death 1993 Black Lung Prod. Kreator (GER) Renewal 1992 Loudblast (FRA) Sublime Dementia 1993 Macabre (USA) Sinister Slaughter 1993 (Chgo, IL) Mordred (USA) Vision MCS 1993 (SF,CA) Nasty Savage (USA) Penetration Point 1989 (FL) Possum Dixon (USA) cassette single 1998 S.A.D.O. (GER) Sensitive 1989 Starz (USA) Violation 1977/1991 re-release Various Artists Boogie Nights soundtrack 1998 Various Artists (USA) Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III soundtrack 1989 Warrior Soul (USA) Last Decade Dead Century 1990 (NY)


A.C. (USA) Everyone Should Be Killed Absu (USA) Third Storm of Cythraul Altar (HOL) Provoke Amy Grant (USA) Heart in Motion 1991 Angel Witch (UK) Angel Witch Anthrax (USA) I'm The Man Anthrax (USA) Moshers 1986-91 Artillery (DEN) Fear of Tomorrow 1985/1998 re-release Artillery (DEN) Deadly Relics 1998 Black Lab (USA) Your Body Above Me 1997 (SF,CA) Black Sabbath (UK) Master of Reality Brutal Truth (USA) Trend Kill Suicide Burnt Offering (USA) Death Decay Complete Clutch (USA) Transnational Speedway Clutch (USA) Clutch Dark Funeral (SWE) The Secrets of the Black Arts Defecation (UK) Purity Dilution 1989 (+UK) Defleshed (SWE) Under The Blade Diamond Head (UK) Lightning To The Nations Diamond Head (UK) To Heaven From Hell MCD Everclear (USA) Sparkle and Fade Everclear (USA) So Much for the Afterglow Eyehategod (USA) Dopesick Fat Mooken (USA) 9 Ft. Velour Couch 1997 (Albany, NY) Feeder (UK) Polythene 1997 Forced Entry (USA) Uncertain Future 1989 Guillotine (SWE) Under the Guillotine Hecate Enthroned (UK) Upon Promethean Shores MCD Human Remains (USA) Using Sickness As A Hero Kilgore (USA) Search For Reason Matchbox 20 (USA) Yourself or Someone Like You Meshuggah (USA) Destroy Erase Improve Metallica (USA) Kill'Em All Metallica (USA) Ride The Lightning Metallica (USA) Master Of Puppets Metallica (USA) ...And Justice For All Mortician (USA) Zombie Apocalypse Mucky Pup (USA) Now Nashville Pussy (USA) Let Them Eat Pussy 1998 Nasty Savage (USA) Nasty Savage Obliveon (CAN) Whimsical Uproar mCD Onslaught (UK) Power From Hell Paula Cole (USA) This Fire Pentacle (HOL) The Fifth Moon mCD Philips Head (USA) s/t 1997 (Glens Falls, NY) Praying Mantis (UK) Only the Children Cry mCD Razor (CAN) Violent Restitution Righteous Pigs (USA) Stress Related/Live and Learn 2in1 S.O.D. (USA) Speak English or Die Sacred Reich (USA) American Way Saxon (UK) Denim & Leather Section 8 (USA) Nine Ways To Say I Love You 1997 (Clifton Park, NY) Sepultura (BRA) Arise Sepultura (BRA) Dead Embryonic Cells MCD 1991 Skinless (USA) Progression Towards Evil (Hudson Falls, NY) Stabbing Westward (USA) Ungod Stabbing Westward (USA) Darkest Days Sublime (USA) Sublime System of a Down (USA) System of a Down 1998 Twisted Sister (USA) Under the Blade UFO (UK) Essential UFO Various Artists Blackend Volume 1 Various Artists Blackend Volume 2 Various Artists Contamination MCMXCVIII 1998 Various Artists History of Things to Come Various Artists In Conspiracy with Satan Various Artists Legions of Iron & Steel Various Artists (UK) NWOBHM '79 Revisited Various Artists Season of Mist (Decibels Storm zine comp.) 1998 Various Artists Solid 1998 Various Artists The Devil's Jukebox (aka Radio Kerrang! - Volume 7) 1998 Various Artists (USA) New York Thrash Vio-lence (USA) Torture Tactics 1989 (SF,CA) Voi Vod (CAN) Phobos Voi Vod (CAN) Rrrooaaarrr Voi Vod (CAN) War And Pain Warhammer (GER) The Winter of Our Discontent 1998 Warlock (GER) Burning the Witches Warlord (USA) Best Of... Warrior Soul (USA) The Space Age Playboys Weezer (USA) s/t 1994


Anvil Bitch (USA) Rise To Offend 1986 New Renaissance (PA) Cerebus (USA) Too Late To Pray 1986 New Renaissance (NC) Demon (UK) British Standard Approved Demon (UK) Demon EP Demon (UK) The Plague Killer Dwarfs (CAN) Big Deal Killer Dwarfs (CAN) Dirty Weapons Kublai Khan (USA) Annihilation 1987 New Renaissance (WA) Queen (UK) A Night At The Opera Sloth (USA) Joy Is Gone From Our Hearts 7" 1998 Various Artists NWOBHM '79 Revisited Various Artists (USA) The Four Dollar Ohio Kings comp. LP 1998 Warlock (GER) True As Steel

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