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Updates through October 31, 1997

ACID REIGN (UK) Moshkinstein LP/Dub 1988 ACID REIGN (UK) The Fear LP/Dub 1989 AGENT STEEL (USA) Skeptics Apocalypse LP/Dub 1985 AGENT STEEL (USA) Unstoppable Force LP/Dub 1987 ARCHENEMY (USA) Rehearsal 3-86 15 min EX- AT WAR (USA) live Baltimore, MD 05/04/86 BLITZKRIEG (UK) A Time of Changes LP/Dub 1984 BLOODSTORM (USA) iron flames of battle DEMO 1996 BURIED BENEATH (USA) "And this shall pass away" demo 1994 CARRION (GER) "Evil is there" demo 1985 CASBAH (JAP) "Desparate War" DEMO 2/86 CORRUPTION (USA) 7-Song demo CRIONIC (DEN) demo #2 1987 D.T. SEIZURE (USA) Name Your Poison demo 1989 Original DAMIEN (SWE) "Chapter One" DEMO 1987 DAMNATION (QUE) speed anarchy DEMO 1986 DARK ANGEL (USA) "Rehearsal 10/10/85" DARK THRONE (NOR) Under a Funeral Moon CD/Dub 1993 DARKNESS (GER) UNRELEASED TRK 3/19/86 DEATH SS (ITA) 7" EP/Dub 1977 DEATH SS (ITA) DEMO 1978 DEATH SS (ITA) 1 track from "GATHERED" COMPILATION LP/Dub 1982 DEATH SS (ITA) "Vampire" 12" EP/Dub 1988 DEATH SS (ITA) "... In Death Of Steve Silvester" CD/Dub 1988 DEATH SS (ITA) "Black Mass" CD/Dub 1989 DEATH SS (ITA) "The Cursed Concert" CD/Dub 1992 DEATHPEED (JAP) "Possessed By Speed" REH/DEMO '8? DEATHRASH (USA) Live: The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA 2/15/87 (SB) DESTRUCTOR (USA) power aggression DEMO 1987 DISCIPLES OF POWER (CAN) Invincible Enemy CD/Dub DISSECTION (CAN) The Final Genocide LP/Dub 1988 DR. SHRINKER (USA) "Wedding The Grotesque" DEMO '89 DREAM DEATH (USA) Live: The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA 4/9/89 (Last Gig) DREAM DEATH (USA) LIVE: The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA 4/9/89 (Last Gig) ECCLSIA (CAN) rehearsal tape (01.97) DEMO/REHEARSAL 1997 ECCLSIA (CAN) striges, goules et autres chimŠres DEMO 1996 EDGE OF SANITY (SWE) "Euthanasia" demo 1989 EDGE OF SANITY (SWE) "The dead" promo 1990 EMBER (USA) Chapter II... The Gate demo 1997 EMPEROR (NOR) A Midsummer's Night Dream BCD/Dub 1995 EMPEROR (NOR) rehearsal 1 track 1992 (CF cover) ENCRYPTED FLESH (USA) 3 song preview PROMO TAPE 1996 C/O EXECUTIONER (USA) Demo 1986 10 min EX(USA)(pre-XECUTIONER) FCDN TORMENTOR (USA) tracks from LA Death Coalition CD GHOUL (USA) a razor for the goat PROMO TAPE 1996 GLACIAL EMPIRE (CAN) serenade of a black eroticism DEMO 1996 GOATLORD (USA) "Forever Black, Dwell in Hell" DEMO 1987 HELLFIRE (SWE) august 1986 demo DEMO 1986 pre-Merciless IMPURITY (CAN) the twilight before PROMO TAPE 1997 IN SILENCE I MOURN (CAN) dawn of sorrow PROMO TAPE 1996 INFERNAL MAJESTY (CAN) "Creation Of Chaos" demo taken from BCD/Dub 1991 INSANITY (USA) "Death After Death" CD/Dub (M.B.R./Germany) 1993 JAG PANZER (USA) Rehearsal 1985 65 min EX- KAZJUROL (SWE) Messenger of Death 7"/Dub 1987 KREATOR (GER) outtake track from "Pleasure To Kill" pic disc KRUSH (CAN) advance tracks ADVANCE TAPE 1996 LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE (USA) "Lords Of The Crimson Alliance" LP/Dub 1986 MANDATOR (GER) Perfect Progeny LP/Dub 1989 MAYHEM (NOR) Dawn of the Black Hearts live CD/Dub 1992 MAYHEM (NOR) Tribute to the Black Emperors split w/ Morbid CD/dub 1992 MIND AS MINE (ICE) PROMO 1996 MINOTAUR (GER) "The Oath Of Blood" DEMO #1 '86 MONDOCANE (ITA) "Project One" LP/Dub 1989 (Necrodeath & Schizo members) MOONFUL (CAN) promo 1996 PROMO TAPE 1996 MORBID (NOR) Tribute to the Black Emperors split w/ Mayhem CD/dub 1992 MORBID ANGEL (USA) "Demo 1 1986" MUTILATED (FRA) "Psychodeath Lunatics" Demo 5 & 6-88 20 min EX(inc. unreleased track) MUTILATOR (BRA) "Demo 1986" MUTILATOR (BRA) "Demo 2-86" MUTILATOR (BRA) "Grave desecration" demo 1985 MUTILATOR (BRA) "Rehearsal 1986" NASTY SAVAGE (USA) Rehearsal 1984 65 min EX- NECRODEATH (ITA) "Fragments of insanity" LP 1989 NECRODEATH (ITA) the shining pentagram DEMO 1986 NECROFAGO (BRA) "Brutal mutilation" demo 1988 NECROFAGO (BRA) "Reh. 1987" NECRONOMICON (CAN) the silver key CD EP/Dub 1996 NECROPOLIS (USA) "Futurekill" DEMO 1987 NECROTIC MUTATION (CAN) The Realm of Human Illusion MCD/Dub 1995 NECROTIC MUTATION (CAN) the realm of human illusions CD EP/Dub 1995 NOCTURNUS (USA) "The Key" CD/Dub (Earache/U.K.) NOCTURNUS (USA) "Thresholds" CD/Dub (Earache/U.K.) OBLIVION (CAN) Demo 3-87 15 min EX OBLIVION (CAN) Demo 9-87 15 min EX(remixed) OBLIVION (CAN) Rehearsal 17-8-87 10 min EX- ORDER FROM CHAOS (USA) "Rehearsal 15/11/91" PAUL CHAIN (ITA) king of the dream split w/ SABOTAGE 12"SINGLE/Dub 1987 PEDIFILE (USA) "Die A Violent Death" DEMO 1986 PEDIFILE (USA) "Round 2" DEMO 1987 POISON (USA) "Into The Abyss" EP/Dub (Midiam/Belgium) PROFANATICA (USA) "Final hour of Christ" demo 1991 PROFANATICA (USA) "Putresecense of..." demo 1990 PROFANATICA (USA) "Reh. 1990" RAVAGE (USA) Rotting In Hell" Demo 1986 20 min EX (ex-AGRESSOR) RAZOR (CAN) "Open Hostility" CD/Dub (Fringe/Canada) RAZOR (CAN) "Shotgun Justice" CD/Dub (Fringe/Canada) RAZOR (CAN) Spectrum,Montreal,QUE 25-3-85 20 min EX- REVENANT (USA) "Beyond the winds of sorrow" demo 1987 REVENANT (USA) promo tape 1995 PROMO TAPE 1995 RIPPING CORPSE (USA) "Splattered remains" MLP(/demo) 1989 RIPPING CORPSE (USA) live "Fast lane", ?, USA 21/08/90 SABOTAGE (ITA) welcome split w/ PAUL CHAIN 12"SINGLE/Dub 1987 SACRIFICE (CAN) Rehearsal 14-6-86 90 min EX- SADIST (SWE) "Studio track 1987" SAMHAIN (GER) "Eternal Death" DEMO '86 SAVAGE (UK) "We Got The Edge" 12" EP/Dub 1984 SIEGE (USA) Siege CD/Dub 1984 (1994 re-release) SLAUGHTER (CAN) The Bridge,Toronto,ONT 20-5-86 65 min EX- SLAUGHTER LORD (AUS) "Promo track 1986" SODOM (GER) venom cover track 1987 STRAIGHT AHEAD (USA) "Stand United" Demo 1986 10 min EX(USA)(ex-NYC MAYHEM) THOU SHALT SUFFER (NOR) tracks from 1992 MLP and 1991 EP/Dub TITAN FORCE (USA) Demo 1988 20 min EX TRIANGLE SIX OF DEATH (JAP) 666 DEMO 1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS "Promoters of the third world war - a tribute to Venom" CD 1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Touch of Fringe comp. CD/Dub VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold, Grey and Dead compilation vol. III VARIOUS ARTISTS Teach your Soul With Fire compilation VARIOUS ARTISTS Total Holocaust compilation Volume II VARIOUS ARTISTS Total Holocaust compilation Volume III VARIOUS ARTISTS Undead Productions comp. vol. II VECTOM (GER) "Rules Of Mystery" LP 1986 VEHEMENT (CAN) vehement demo 1997 VENOM (UK) Bursting out demo 1982 VIO-LENCE (USA) "Nothing To Gain" CD/Dub (Bleeding Hearts/U.K.) 1993 VIO-LENCE (USA) Demo 1989 20 min EX VIO-LENCE (USA) Omni,Oakland,CA 3-3-89 70 min EX- Venezuelan sampler w/ Noxious,Stratuz,Krueger,Xtremauncion,Sarcom,Necropsia,Gillman,Laberinto WARHATE (BRA) "Thrash Invasion" DEMO 1988 XECUTIONER (USA) Rehearsal 1987 25 min EX- XECUTIONER (USA) Rehearsal late 1987 20 min EX- XECUTIONER (USA) Rehearsal late 1987 30 min EX- (pre-Obituary) XECUTIONER (USA) Sunset Club,Tampa,FL 29-8-87 40 min EX- XECUTIONER (USA) Sunset Club,Tampa,FL 4-10-87 15 min EX(SB) ZEMIAL (GRE) Sleeping Under Tartarus 7"/Dub 1993


Accept (GER) Restless and Wild 1983 Dokken (USA) Back for the Attack 1987 Dokken (USA) Tooth and Nail 1984 Helloween (GER) Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part 1 1987 Hitt Man (USA) s/t 1988 Rage (GER) Perfect Man 1988 The Cult (UK) Sonic Temple 198


Accused, The (USA) Grinning Like An Undertaker 1990 Celtic Frost (SWI) Cold Lake 1988 Cianide (USA) Death, Doom and Destruction 1997 Damn the Machine (USA) s/t 1993 Dark Angel (USA) We Have Arrived 1984/1997 re-release Axe Killer Recs. Deathwitch (SWE) Dawn of Armageddon 1996 Denial (USA) Antichrist President Despair (GER) Beyond All Reason 1991 Gurd (SWI) Gurd 1995 Hades (USA) Live On Location 1992 Helmet (USA) Aftertaste 1997 Insanity (USA) Death After Death 1993 Internal Bleeding (USA) Voracious Contempt 1995 Lemming Project (USA) Hate and Despise 1992 Necrophagia (USA) Death Is Fun 1994 Nuclear Assault (USA) Something Wicked 1993 Order From Chaos (USA) And I Saw Eternity 1996 Rotting Christ (GRE) A Dead Poem + V/A Darkness We Feel 1997 Rotting Christ (GRE) Triarchy of the Lost Lovers digipak w/ bonus tks 1996 Thanatos (HOL) Realm of Ecstasy 1992 Various Artists Bloodlines Century Media Germany 1996 Various Artists Candlelight Records promo 1997 Various Artists Encyclopedia Pestilentia 3CD Various Artists Necropolis Distribution sampler - Volume 1 Various Artists Repulsive Assault Vol. 2 Various Artists SOD/Displeased sampler #9 Various Artists This Is Dojo 1996 Various Artists Visceral Productions compilation #1 1995 Various Artists World Domination II Osmose 1997 Various Artists You Sleigh Me BW&BK 1996 Vital Remains (USA) Forever Underground 1997 Wicked Maraya (USA) Cycles 1994


Adramalech (FIN) Spring of Recovery 7" 1992 Ceremonial Oath (SWE) The Book of Truth LP 1993 Crossfire (BEL) Second Attack LP Dead Christ (UK) Satan's Hunger 7" 1993 Exises (HOL) s/t LP 1986 Integrity (USA) split 7" w/ The Kids of Widney High 1996 Ludichrist (USA) Immaculate Deception LP 1986 Mundane (CAN) split 7" w/ Soulstorm 1994 Primal Scream (USA) Volume One LP 1987 Ringworm (USA) 7" EP 1995 Soulstorm (CAN) split 7" w/ Mundane 1994 The Kids of Widney High (USA) split 7" w/ Integrity 1996 Thrasher (USA) s/t LP w/ all star lineup 1985 Various Artists Iron Tyrants compilation LP 1984 Various Artists L.A. Steel LP 1986 Various Artists Speed Kills 6 - The Violence of the Slams 2LP 1992 Vicious Barreka (USA) s/t LP 1985 Virus (UK) Force Recon LP 1988 Virus (UK) Lunacy LP 1989

70's Vinyl

1994: (USA) s/t 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks AC/DC (AUS) Powerage 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Aerosmith (USA) Rocks 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Aerosmith (USA) Draw the Line 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Alice Cooper (USA) Billion Dollar Babies 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Alice Cooper (USA) From the Inside 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks America (USA) History: America's Greatest Hits 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Angel City (AUS) Darkroom 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Angel City (AUS) Face to Face 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks April Wine (CAN) Harder...Faster 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Atomic Rooster (UK) Made in England 1972 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Bachman-Turner Overdrive (CAN) - Four Wheel Drive 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Bad Boy (USA) The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Bad Boy (USA) Back To Back 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Billion Dollar Babies (USA) Battle Axe 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Black Oak Arkansas (USA) X-Rated 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Black Sabbath (UK) Mob Rules 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Blackfoot (USA) Strikes 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Blue Oyster Cult (USA) On Your Feet or On Your Knees 1975 (Vinyl-2LP) 12 tks Blue Oyster Cult (USA) Mirrors 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Brian Johnson and Geordie (UK) - Brian Johnson and Geordie 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Budgie (UK) In For the Kill 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Budgie (UK) Bandolier 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Budgie (UK) If I Were Britannia, I'd Waive the Rules 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Cheap Trick (USA) In Color 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Cold Chisel (AUS) East 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Crabby Appleton (USA) Crabby Appleton 1970 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Damnation (USA) Which is the Justice, Which is the Thief 1971 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Deaf School (UK) 2nd Honeymoon/Don't Stop the World 1977 (Vinyl-2LP) 22 tks Deep Purple (UK) Burn 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Dictators (USA) Go Girl Crazy 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Dictators (USA) Manifest Destiny 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Dictators (USA) Bloodbrothers 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks DMZ (USA) DMZ 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Eagles (USA) One of These Nights 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Emerson, Lake and Palmer (UK) - Brain Salad Surgery 1973 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Fist (CAN) Hot Spikes 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Foghat (USA) Fool For the City 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Foghat (USA) Stone Blue 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Foreigner (USA) Double Vision 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Gillan (UK) Scarabus 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Gillan (UK) Glory Road 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Good Rats (USA) Ratcity in Blue 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Groundhogs (UK) Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs 1972 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Hellfield (CAN) Hellfield 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Honeymoon Suite (CAN) Honeymoon Suite 1984 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Hounds (USA) Puttin' on the Dog 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Hustler (UK) High Street 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Hustler (UK) Play Loud 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Jeff Beck and the Yardbirds (UK) - Shapes of Things 19?? (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Jethro Tull (UK) Thick as a Brick 1972 (Vinyl-LP) ??? Journey (USA) Infinity 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Kansas (USA) Leftoverture 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Killing Joke (UK) s/t 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Kiss (USA) Hotter Than Hell 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Kiss (USA) Alive 1975 (Vinyl-2LP) 16 tks Kiss (USA) Destroyer 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Kiss (USA) Rock and Roll Over 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Kiss (USA) Love Gun 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Kiss (USA) Alive II 1977 (Vinyl-2LP) 20 tks Kiss (USA) Ace Frehley 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Kiss (USA) Dynasty 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Kiss (USA) Lick It Up 1983 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Lazer Band, The (USA) Slammin' Romance 1982 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Led Zeppelin (UK) II 1969 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Led Zeppelin (UK) Presence 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Legend (USA) From the Fjords 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Livgren, Kelly (USA) Seeds of Change 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Lucifer's Friend (GER) I'm Just A Rock 'n' Roll Singer 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Lucifer's Friend (GER) Banquet 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 6 tks Lucifer's Friend (GER) Mind Exploding 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Lynyrd Skynyrd (USA) One More From the Road 1976 (Vinyl-2LP) 14 tks Magnum (UK) Marauder 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Marcus (USA) s/t 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Max Webster (CAN) Mutiny Up My Sleeve 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Mayday (USA) s/t 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Mother's Finest (USA) Mother Factor 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks MX-80 Sound (USA) Hard Attack 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Natural Gas (USA) s/t 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks New England (USA) Walking Wild 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Nugent, Ted (USA) Cat Scratch Fever 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Nugent, Ted (USA) Double Live Gonzo 1978 (Vinyl-2LP) 11 tks Nugent, Ted (USA) Intensities In 10 Cities 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Nutz (UK) Hard Nutz 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks O'Connor, Hazel (UK) Breaking Glass soundtrack 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Paris (USA) Big Towne, 2061 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Peter Frampton (UK) Frampton 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Pink Floyd (UK) Dark Side of the Moon 1973 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Piper (USA) s/t 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Prism (CAN) Armageddon 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Private Lines (CAN) Trouble In School 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Queen (UK) s/t 1973 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Rabin, Trevor (UK) Face To Face 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Rainbow (UK) Rising 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 6 tks Rainbow (UK) On Stage 1977 (Vinyl-2LP) 8 tks Rainbow (UK) Difficult To Cure 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Rex (USA) s/t 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Riff Raff (USA) Vinyl Futures 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Roadmaster (USA) Sweet Music 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Rolling Stones (UK) Hot Rocks 1964-1971 1971 (Vinyl-2LP) 21 tks Run DMC (USA) Walk This Way 1986 (Vinyl-EP) 2 tks Rush (CAN) A Farewell To Kings 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 6 tks Rush (CAN) Hemispheres 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 4 tks Sammy Hagar (USA) Street Machine 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Scorpions (GER) Virgin Killer 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Scorpions (GER) Tokyo Tapes 1978 (Vinyl-2LP) 18 tks Scorpions (GER) Lovedrive 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Scorpions (GER) Animal Magnetism 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Scorpions (GER) Love At First Sting 1984 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Shakin' Street (FRA) Vampire Rock 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Sir Lord Baltimore (USA) Kingdom Come 1970 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Skid Row (*UNK*) Skid 19?? (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Slade (UK) Slayed? 1972 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Slade (UK) Sladest 1973 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Slade (UK) Old New Borrowed and Blue 1973 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks Slade (UK) In Flame 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Slade (UK) Nobody's Fools 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks Slade (UK) We'll Bring the House Down 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Soft Cell (UK) Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go 1981 (Vinyl-EP) 3 tks Spirit (USA) Feedback 1972 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Squier, Billy (USA) The Stroke / Big Beat 1981 (Vinyl-EP) 2 tks Stewart, Rod (UK) Foot Loose and Fancy Free 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Striker (USA) s/t 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks The Boyzz (USA) Too Wild to Tame 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks The Hollywood Stars (USA) The Hollywood Stars 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks The Michael Wynn Band (USA) Queen of the Night 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (UK) - The Impossible Dream 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Thin Lizzy (UK) Johnny the Fox 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Toto (USA) s/t 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Touch (USA) s/t 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Travers, Pat (CAN) Putting It Straight 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Travers, Pat (CAN) Snortin' Whiskey 1980 (Vinyl-EP) 5 tks Triumph (CAN) Rock & Roll Machine 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 7 tks Triumph (CAN) Progressions of Power 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Trooper (CAN) Two For the Show 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Trooper (CAN) Thick As Thieves 1978 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks UFO (UK) Force It 1975 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks UFO (UK) Lights Out 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks UFO (UK) Strangers in the Night 1979 (Vinyl-2LP) 13 tks Uriah Heep (UK) Salisbury 1970 (Vinyl-LP) 6 tks Vic Vergat (GER) Down to the Bone 1981 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Voyager (UK) Halfway Hotel 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks White Witch (USA) A Spiritual Greeting 1974 (Vinyl-LP) 8 tks Whitesnake (UK) Ready an' Willing 1980 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Who, The (UK) Who's Next 1971 (Vinyl-LP) 9 tks Widowmaker (USA) s/t 1976 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks X-15 (USA) Blueprint 1982 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks Various Artists Heavy Metal Warner Brothers (*UNK*) 1974 (Vinyl-2LP) 24 tks That Summer Arista (*UNK*) 1979 (Vinyl-LP) 16 tks The Force Warner Brothers (*UNK*) 1974 (Vinyl-2LP) 23 tks The MCA Sounds Conspiracy - MCA (*UNK*) 1971 (Vinyl-LP) 11 tks What's In Store For You CAP-FM - Capitol (*UNK*) 1977 (Vinyl-LP) 10 tks WPDH Rock & Roll Volume II - WPDH (USA) 1982 (Vinyl-LP) 12 tks

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